Friday, October 7, 2011


ive had this cross my mind for months... thinking "hey im busy studying film and not useing my time enough to make use of my xsjado's... buy some rec frames..& wheels?? get around quick and just cruise and have fun?? is the question. yes i suppose interchanging the frames would wear and tear the threads but if you cant afford extra pair (if you dont have any yet..) then buy the spare parts.. ,

POWER : meaning that with these frames you pretty much have unlimited ability to do what sam tuffnel did and fly down side walks and streets at 80km/h aka 50mph and other options too,,

if the UC wheels have a rounded flat design then GRRREAT!

Has anyone thought of the idea besides the fact that WE can decide to take a chance at cruising /flying through the city.... getting to our next spot... or anywhere having fun..

That the market of aggressive skates (not aggressive blading/rollerblading ) has just been opened up to WIDER audience!!!! THINK

When i witnessed the publishing of this on rollernews as well as being awed at what had been crossing my mind for months before hand.. for those that are open to the idea , this just is awsome.. FUN... its not the FUTURE of our sport but a branch of from it utilising the tools we have and creating somthing that anyone can try and those old school bladers can finally say and think , yeah buying me some aggressive skates and some powerblade frames... YES!

bringing back those that have been longing for the feeling of aggressive skates AND as mentioned.. a Wider Audience of people can now buy some kool customisable skates.. stable , comfortable and FAST FUN!

I will be buying me some with the wheels so be sure that i will post photo's and even possibly a video showcasing the usability!! :)

KIZER 2011 - BCN from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

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