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Tom Coley-Sowry: One Minute One Spot

Intro and photo by Craig Smith
Edit by Thomas Dalbis

This spot is located in Wheelers Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The only time I had been there everyone was having a bad day, so we decided to make excuses to not skate it, the rail was too sketchy, down-hill run-up, little lip of wood to get caught on just near the end of the rail on the far-side, and 'graze your face' asphalt to land on. So when I heard from Mr. Dalbis that little Tom Coley-Sowry managed to pump out a 'One Minute One Spot' edit just on this rail I was so pumped! I've known Little Tom for around 3-4 years now, and when he's not chilling/relaxing/catching his breath at a spot, he's a ball of energy just shredding (sort of like Sonic the Hedgehog). He has a bright future in skating, and I hope him all the best.

Tom Coley-Sowry: One Minute One Spot from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

1. Name: Tom Coley-Sowry
2. Age: 15
3. Hometown: St.kilda
4. Sponsors: Bayside Blades, Jug Footwear, Razors
5. Favorite skate event you attended so far: 2009 Australian Rolling Titles
6. Best contest results so far: 1st in the under 18's at at the 2010 Aus Rolling Open
7. Three characteristic features that describes you the best: Extrovert, joker, quick witted
8. Current set-up: SL Bambricks with a white genesis cuff
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Ian Mcleod promo for ACHOSEN-FEW
10. Good advice you’ve been given: What goes around comes around
11. Dumbest thing you did in your life so far: Had too much of a good thing
12. Best thing you did in your life so far: Started Rollerblading
13. A place you really want to travel to next: France would be cool
14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favourite spot: My boys Jack McVeigh, Thomas Dalbis and Andy Plumridge, plus Danny Jensen for some free entertainment haha
15. One Amateur who should be pro: Korey Waikiki

Xcrews exclusive Interview: Colin Kelso

Here is, the interview where Colin Kelso speaks about what happened on Be-Mag messageboard, how is he right now, in what he is working at the moment and how is his life, everythig made possible by Colin Kelso and Tony Cheetah.

All the questions are marked on bold as you can navigate better throught it, right now, no more words... here is the interview to Colin Kelso from Tony Cheetah:

(Tell us what are your thoughts about the truth of Skating and whats the philosophy that you wanted to represent on the truth 2.)
When it comes to piecing a video part together, I have always tried to do things differently. I like to watch old videos and see things being done that were cool then, but are not being done now. An example of that would be my fast plant 360 in my section in the truth2. How many people know that Matt Andrews did that in vg5 supernatural? You see, making something new is pretty close to impossible but people have been trying to re-invent things so they can be shown in the right light. Take Farmer with bringing negatives back and doing them with style. Or look at Broskow and how he popularized a once often over-looked illusion spin. I mean those tricks were not invented by those guys but when you watch their video parts you can see they sort of have this message going on with them. And don't get me wrong I am not saying these guys consciously make an effort to do that, but maybe they do? Either way, the point I am trying to make is that the "truth" or whatever you want to call it behind my philosophy is to use your brain. The best skaters in the world all use their brain and are more times than not are extreme perfectionists when it comes to their skating. I have always lived by the ideal, "don't tolerate sloppy skating if it is in your skill set to lace it better"...or something along those lines hahah. I think you guys know what I mean.

(Tell us why we have to buy The truth 2.)
Well, the truth2 was actually made by skaters who themselves were also capable to produce video sections as well. I don't think theres any other filmers in the game who pump out video parts as well as film them. I think thats what adds to why we have had such a positive response from the skating community. Having been able to skate on a professional level as allowed us to gain insight that has really furthered our filming capabilities. It's been a blessing working with the talented individuals that we worked with and if you want to see some of the most tasteful skating to date of Billy O'Neill, Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo, JonJon Bolino, Montre Livingston, Alex Broskow, Murda, and the Kelso Brothers then this is why you should get the DVD.

)Whats is the full equipment of camera's that you used to make the video?)
We used a Panasonic HVX, Panasonic DVX, a 5D AND a 7D.

(Why did you use that music in your section? What was the reason of using hardrock songs like Danzig?)

I'm actually super glad you asked me that question. This is a long story, but it's definately one worth telling and it just goes to show you how much thought I actually put into making a section in regards to more than just trying to do innovative tricks.

Alright, so we all know the truth2 took two years to film. A lot can happen to a man in two years and needless to say a lot happened to me during the filming of this section.

But first let me dive into how I was going mad. And since I am kind of a hard guy to embarrass I really have no shame in stating that I acted like an asshole to a lot of people on the internet, especially be-mag. If you can remember ever reading one of my rants about the industry or why contests suck you can probably remember that it sounded super angry. And I was angry. I was going through this crazy point in my life. Perhaps maybe it had to do with rollerblading being such a deprived market due to the main market shares not distributing their profits correctly. I really want to do good for this culture and sometimes I take it way too far and then de-value the good opinions I might have made with my super emotional shit talk.

Now during this time of me going mad, I was receiving a lot of backlash from USD who wanted to know why I haven't been putting out any material lately. They thought maybe I wasn't skating because I had been saving this footage for two years. And since the internet took over and the cult of the amateur arose. What I mean by the cult of the amatuer is that now any one with a 1300 dollar computer, some editing software, and a video camera can now be put onto the same media pedestal as professionals. You see back in the day professionals were featured in videos/magazines and no where else. But what happened is all these amateur skaters started putting out more edits with less experienced skating and lower quality. But the audience didn't seem to mind and nor did the sponsors who only care about catering to their audience. I was angry that the internet was ruining our standards for rollerblading. It drove me mad because I thought a lot of people getting shine didn't even deserve it. I thought what I had loved and had so much respect for was going down the toliet and I wanted to change it. Thats why you saw the insane side of me writing on message boards to convey my philosophy behind skating.

So after a while, I started to think maybe it was all the drinking and drugs I was doing that was making me insane. Or maybe it was that my body needed a clense? I wasn't sure but I decided it would probably be for the better to one day just go cold turkey and quit all that crap. And it was a good thing I did. I finished up my section the last 2 and a half months completely sober before our deadline. Thats when I was able to get a lot of my hammers in and it was also the time when I shaved my head. Whenever I had to leave something behind I always did it by shaving my head. This might sound a little crazy but I think something gets learned when you leave something behind. In my case I was leaving behind drugs and having a shaved head symbolized in my mind that I would be ready to grow into something new. And something new did come to me. I have learned how to deal with the way things are on a respectful level and I no longer feel the need to rage out or put anybody or anything on blast for no reason.

Needless to say I was feeling appologetic and extremely sad when I had this revelation. I want everyone to know that I acknowledge acting like that is unprofessional and wrong. I do feel regret and would like to appologize. And I think I did that with my truth 2 section. Let me explain why.

Alright, so I am super into lyrics when it comes to picking a song to skate to.

The first song I skated to was the Green Manalishi by Judas Priest. This song was originally written by Peter Green. Peter Green used to be in Fleetwood Mac, and the last song he wrote before he left was the haunting 'Green Manalishi,' which seems to document his struggle to stop his descent into madness.

Green has explained that he wrote the song after experiencing a drug-induced dream, in which he was visited by a green dog which barked at him. He understood that the dog represented money. He is quoted to have said, "It scared me because I knew the dog had been dead a long time. It was a stray and I was looking after it. But I was dead and had to fight to get back into my body, which I eventually did. When I woke up, the room was really black and I found myself writing the song."

This relates to my story behind making my section in that I had to find my way back to the skater I used to be before the anger and drugs. I knew that these lyrics would explain my story properly on a subliminal level for skaters who were smart enough to catch it. Then, I heard Judas Priest's version ahah and we all know Judias Priest is a metal legend and I figured the pace he would set for the lyrics would be more entertaining for skating than Green's version.

Now my next section I skated to Danzig- Sistinas. This song was meant to symbolize how lonely inside I felt when I realized a lot of people were starting to dislike me. This also was meant to represent my coming into realization of my mistakes.I wanted to express ideas of a new me coming into the picture. A me who in reality did ask for forgiveness to his audience. Listen to the lyrics its so obvious...

Take my hand,
You'll never find,
Another quite like mine.
If you look,
You'll see that I'm,
A lonely one.

I-I-(I) lost my soul,
Deep inside.
Oooh-And it's so,
Black and cold,
Deep inside.

That says it all right there. I am truly a lonely guy without the love from this culture. And even at the expense of maybe sounding corny to some thats the truth. Thats whats going on in my head and if you can't respect that then maybe you can atleast appreciate my honesty. But anyways all in all, this video part is meant and dedicated to those of you who lost faith in me. This section was for you guys. I love rollerblading and without it and your support I would be lost.

(The truth2 is a pure street skating video, did you have problems or bad days with cops and security guards?)
Not really. We skate in the hood. Some of the most notorious dead beat neighborhoods were featured in the truth. Theres a documentary called Killadelphia on youtube. The neighborhoods they showcase in that is what we skate and cops dont go there and if they do they are not worried about skating.

(Do you remember what was the hardest trick that you had to film?)
The hardest trick was probably one of my more technical ledge tricks. The hammers are just scary. People who try big gaps don't try them 100 times usually. I mean for a gap I wouldn't try more than 4 times and thats if I really wanted it. But on a ledge I might try something that takes hours.

(Are you going to make another skate video? any plans for the future?)
Yea we have plans for a few video projects actually. At the moment none have solidified into definates; however you can expect more online promo down the road from my brother and I. We had a blast out in Arizona when we made that "always sunny in az" edit. Trips like that are really enjoyable for us and make great for online material. I have to give a special shot out to James and Gretchen from Revolution and videographer Jon Jenkins for making that trip extra rad for us!

(What is your situation right now about representing brands...?)
I quit USD because Mark Korte is a really corny guy and I didn't like working with them anyway. They don't listen and are way too secretive. I got some Nimhs from Shima and Elliott. And now everything I rep is skater owned with no bullshit attached. And don't get it twisted I didn't leave for money. I skate Nimhs for free on prinicple. I don't want the next generation to have to go through that bullshit. I truly believe if rollerblading is going to grow then skater owned companies need to control the main market shares. It took me a lot of trial and error to come to this realization but now it has come to fruition. And with that being said I for one have made the move to only work with skater owned companies. I guarentee you would see skaters better taken care of and bigger budgets for cooler tours and just better end product in general. I personally don't want to wait around with my dick between my legs selling my soul for a couple hundred bucks a month from some greedy guy who only talks to me through emails. Its really a dead end street, more pro skaters need to man up and sacrafice to support real shit. Revolutions dont happen until people get pissed off about their situation. I am surprised more pros arent pissed the fuck off with who owns this shit. Its pretty depressing skaters will let guys like them survive when there blatently dicking us all over. In all honesty its a complete contradiction to say you want blading to grow and then not support skater owned companies who truly do have bladings best interest in mind.

Moving along though, I am actually a little terrified because rollerblading is getting really sick right now and it could go mainstream again. This could be problematic for our culture. Right now this industry's main dollars are going towards men who wouldnt distribute the funds correctly because there not skaters. They have in the past kept too much for themselves while skaters cant even get health insurance. If rollerblading blew up they would take that money and run and probably crush us into another recession. I think if we expect to have a solid future then skaters need to control the market and practice running their companies before it ever hits the lime light. This way when it does come back around our main companies will be skater owned with the right knowledge for growth. This way blading can grow instead of being stuck in this stagnet mess where two german guys who supposedly have no relation are milking us dry.Weird right? ha

(Do you have any plans to come to skate in spain? Do you remember something about when you stayed in Barcelona?)
I would love to come to skate Spain again. Barcelona was a beautiful city with some of the most interesting architecture I have ever seen. The best memory was skating block to block searching for spots with the locals. Thats what street skating is all about and thats how me and my friends like doing it back where were from! It was awesome to see the similarities and a pleasure learning the differences! I love being around new cultures and the Spanish culture was one I will surely always remember.

Thanks for the opportunity to be heard.

Take care Tony!

As a final thoughts, we will like to say thanks to Colin Kelso for the work he made on this interview, he answered very very detailed each question and took enough time to make it very well. Also, to Tony Cheetah who worked on the questions very well too and reach Colin Kelso to make this posible.


click on link for the interview in spanish.

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CJ Wellsmore WINS! ChenCheon World Leisure Congress & Leisure Gamnes 2010!

Good on Ya mate!!! , well done Miguel Ramos ;)

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Supergirl Jam 2010 (Venice, CA): Video Recap

Recap of the 2010 S3 Supergirl Jam from Venice, California (August 22).

Featuring snowboarding, skateboarding and inline street contests (Inline footage at 2’00).