Sunday, February 28, 2010

Being too old to skate? whats that? Dante Muse age 43!!


Too often I blame my lack of blade skills on my aging, crippled body. Those, however, are just excuses because age is lame.

Take for example the man pictured above. Yes, in his Sports Illustrated for Kids trading card, he is but a mere pup in his roller skates, but Dante Muse can whoop ass.

But, as Bitter Cold turns 10, the man wearing No. 84 in the qualifiers will be 43. And no, I don’t have number dyslexia. That four came before that three. He’s more than twice the age of some people competing.

And, while you’re watching him do shit like a 270 backside backslide to switch sweaty on the coping, you’ll also be wondering why he’s skating so fast. That’s because he’s been the world speed skating champion 14 times. That, and an X-Games gold medal in downhill doesn’t look too shabby on a resume either.

You’ll be witnessing history that you’ll someday tell your kids, “Yes, my darlings, I was there when the old man bladed at Bitter Cold.”

Fresh Skate&More at the BCSD 2010


M1 urathane getting colourful


its been said that this will be the new Valo Soichiro Kanashima skates


only at the BCSD


its looking like CreateOriginal is coming out with not just one sweet azz frame colur way but 3! Green,Blue,Purple


NEW Nimh skates and not just one to choose from!!!:) plus a kool New Tshirt to match


Casey Bagozzi getting his very own pro wheel from SCRIBE wheel co. looking fresh.

the one shop ive seen stock this brand is here in europe


SPOTTED at the WINTERCLASH2010! The new K2 Varsity´s a pretty good attempt at getting back into the sport again.. mabe ill have the chance to try some soon and ill be sure to put a detailed review up.. not expecting it ll be easy for them to win us over ;P, i have no doubt the soul system is a winner.. we ll just have to wait and see.. mabe a team later this year???

Friday, February 26, 2010

hmm ok when i first came accross this, what appears to be a K2 skate commercial, i thought mmm yea actually these guys are doing a good job and making inline skating look pretty awsum fun ;), hey who else could if not some of our best european skaters jochen smuda(UCON acrobatics) and what looks like mark enanoh mareno(NIMH am rider), skating like crazy through the streets of Barcalona... and check out of inercia skate shop.

anyway point is that it wasnt some old dude or feminine guy to put it lightly talking like some one brain washed by a cult religion(no offence to anyone), "work on your issues and wish them away ooo... and have faaan!."

wonder how much jochen and marc got paid by K2?


ANY rollers dream!! for those of you that have been fishing around for the latest and best videos from pro´s and skaters with steez... peep this.. if you havent been.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

A beautiful calaboration between Samuel Crusson and AOR


In our amazing fourth issue we found ourselves getting some amazing art contributions. One of the artist who wanted to help out happen to be world famous artist Samuel Crusson. Sam and I worked on idea’s of what would be a great concept. When we came to the conclusion we decided instead of having him draw and create a whole page we would have him collaborate on a existing photo of one of NYC’s legendary spot. For those who don’t know this rail, It is called Mini Stuyvesant because it replicates the big Stuyvesant rail.

While this rail has been around in the skate scene just as long as many of the new comers come and go it has since then been forgotten in the mix of our great city. Samuel was given a blank picture to do what he wished. When all the work was done what we had was a amazing masterpiece. Gap to royale has never been attempted but it is not impossible and that is what, we felt really made this art piece. One day someone will come along and mimic this exact feat but until then Samuel caught a glimpse into the future and with his talents froze a amazing art piece.


Blake O’Brien Scribe Section #1

Blake O'Brien / Pro Wheel Edit / Scribe Industries from Daniel Fabiano on Vimeo.


Pretty sweet section by mr o´brian.. solid smooth style mmm yea :)

Mike "Murda" Johnson&Dre Powell| Razors Pro Skaters

Dre Powell | Razors Pro Skater from Razors News on Vimeo.

Mike "Murda" Johnson | Razors Pro Skater from Razors News on Vimeo.

add last we have fresh clips highlighting why dre and murda are on razors!! its been a while since they,ve put out some clips.. yea sure there has been.. but not up close and personal clips... Game Theory coming sooon! hey i dont expect wow but then again its better not o expect much and then be suprised...

CLICK 2 Raise Funds for grassroots Events!


the event is coming up soon and help from everyone will be very much appreciated, the idea is that all YOU have to do with NO COST to you is, CLICK on the adsense adverts for example each time you go to my blog click grindhouse and other sites that way each percentage of money will go to a good cause of funding events such as the "Malmö Viking Battle" and of course the idea of useing extra funds raised will be used for other realstreet and park events through out scandinavia, BUT... this can only happen if you CLICK the link on the google adds on my blog..

feel free to post any questions and suggestions in regards to events.. ;)

a fb page will soon be set up to promote the cause.


AND thats me at the WINTERCLASH2010!

thats right FENFANIX .com BITCH!

getting people ROLLING, thats what we´re about!

Ucon: Spring 2010 Clothing Line

Photobucket <<<<<<<< LINK



Nick Wood | The Peepee Skate Jam



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

AB.1 Gold Limited Edition Available APRIL!!!!





awww droool! new Limited edition alex broskows umm sex on your feet! saw these at the clash and mmm

also valo will have these new threads out very soon peep em

United We Roll - Dale Travers' Scene Report

Dale Travers has been doing a lot to promote rolling in Australia and the UK for several years now. By holding Skatemeets on a regular basis he's been able to connect older and younger generations of rollers in a way that's laying a great foundation for the future of our sport. Enjoy Dale's report on what he's been up to! -B

UNITED WE ROLL - by: Dale Travers


I come from Brisbane, Australia. I love Brisbane and when I was growing up I used to travel an hour on the train on Saturday mornings to the city skateshop. I'd sit around and wait for other skaters to come in then we'd head off street skating. Through this simple process, i made some life-long friends. 18 years later, i still have a lot of those friends. Some I go drinking with, some I go surfing with, and a few I still try and skate with.

I started photography around 8 years ago and its kept me in the scene and kept my skating going a lot longer than those I started out rolling with. Being on the Skatebiz Team (the only skateshop around) and doing demo's at skateparks for the last 10 years has kept my skating at a reasonable level as has teaching kids at Saturday morning skate lessons.


I started Skatemeets here around 4 years ago to get kids out once a month to skate with the older guys that I was skating with. It's difficult to bridge that gap these days because the younger kids often get nervous and shy around the older guys lacing trick after trick. So there's no comp at Skatemeets; it's just a session to juice everyone up and maybe break down some personal barriers.


This approach has kept our scene fresh and exciting for a good 2 years now and we've also mixed in a few tours into our Skatemeets. Brian Aragon and Murda came through our city on tour a few years back. I linked it up with a Skatemeet and BOOM! 500 people at one skatepark. Kids got photo's with Aragon and Murda, parents wanted to get autographs and just say hello. It's kind of like the time Chris Edwards came to my town on his Birth Tour. I got my photo with him and saw the first topsoul and mctwist in my life. And, holy shit, it changed my life!


This type of experience is few and far between these days due to the economy, the state of the industry and geography; Australia is so far away from everything.

I also branched out by visiting the UK around 3 years ago to develop my photography and just go and skate all the amazing things I saw on videos from around the world. When I saw so many awesome skaters not talking to each other at local skateparks, I wanted to do something about it and I tried to bring the same kind of unity from back home to the centre of London. It took awhile to get going and earn the trust from the locals but I ended up successfully running around 8 of these Skatemeets. You could see younger skaters develop from getting to skate with the older guys and it also got skaters exploring skateparks they have never been to.


Now, I'm back home to a scene that I was told was dead. It's far from dead, it just seems to need some organizing and some unity. Skatemeets were now back here in Brisbane as of this month, February 2010. Skatebiz has again come to the party supporting the event and supplying products for kids who rip it up. We have vouchers, bringing in new customers into our stores instead of buying off the internet from overseas. These acts allow longevity for our industry here in Australia. Getting more kids on skates ensures a future generation or skaters. I want to believe that through Skatemeets some kids out there will have the same experience I had as a kid in meeting some damn good skaters pushing their skating to the next level. But most importantly, we're helping to keep rollerblading alive.





Leon Humphries, Air, Harlow Skatemeet, England

Gold Coast Skatemeet Crew Shot

Lachlan Burke. Topsoul to Topsoul, Alex Heads Skatemeet

Dale Travers, Air, Camden Town, London

London Skatemeet Crew Shot

Gerard Arens, BS Royale to 180 Over the Fence

Jamie Stenner, Fishbrain, Saffron Walden Skatemeet, England

Brenden Bloomfield, 540, Alex Heads Skatemeet

WINTERCLASH2010! By Brazilionair ent.

WINTERCLASH 2010 PRO CONTEST from Razors News on Vimeo.

USD Carbon Session by Tom McClelland

Carbon Session from Tom McClelland on Vimeo.

mm not bad not bad at all...

looks like the Carbons are doing good for those looking for that extra shoe feel.. direct control of style and timeing...

its crossed my mind when it comes to buying my next skate no doubt especially when i tried on a pair of these at winterclash2010 in the conference booth.. slim and firmly on the foot and like any skate it takes 3sessions and you should be alright and feel your tricks etc...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sean Knight Day in a Life 2#

Sean Knight - Day in a Life #2 from sean knight on Vimeo.

a dedicated roller that definatly contributes to his local community..

he has his own classes at a local school where teaches kids and gives them somthing good to have fun with and shows what fun can be had with the wheels beneath your feet!;)

Valo at the Winterclash 2010

Valo at the Winterclash 2010 Re-Upload: Back Online from Themgoods on Vimeo.


Introducing the Valo Brand's 6th Pro Rider

Introducing the Valo Brand's 6th Pro Rider from Themgoods on Vimeo.

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Introduces Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer To The 2010 Pro Team

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Introduces Alex Broskow & Chris Farmer To The 2010 Pro Team from Create Originals on Vimeo.

sick azz edit from the CO team... style and technical tricks..

frames available at:

and many more shops no doubt!

have a pair myself and their worth every penny no bull, and just like a skateboard if not better.. print and customise the frames with ANY photo´s you want easy as downloading the pdf or doc. with the outer line print and just edit in paint and put your very own comic strip graphic or even a pic of your girl friends umm ;P or your favourite brand of beer.. its never been so so easy and fun and you get a awsum frame with a solid sliding groove thats sure to be eyecatching;)

CreateOriginals RED prototypes!! PIC


just got tiped of about this and yes!!

doesnt really look BLOOD red yet, but loving it!! , for those who love it..

and yes noted they are a new company , fair enough;P , keep an eye out for new fresh threads from CO and FRSH colour ways for the next line of frame...

Support the supporters ;)

and we ll be sure to see good things, besides that those who havent tried the frames and may think they are expenisve.. IT IS worth it! every penny$$$


Where is the sport\Lifestyle Heading?

As some of you may have known this year is the 5year downperiod at an end... yes! , for those rollers and non-rollers we have gone through many changes since the "BARELYDEAD - a saga of modern rollerblading " was released world wide in 2005, and in most recent disscussions in 2010 , the question was posted asking, " ARE OUR OUR PRO´s acting in a professional way" in reference to recent events such as WINTERCLASH2010! which i would like to say was very well conducted by jojo aka Mr winterclash, and all was dealt with in a very organised fashion, with over 2000! people visiting ,It was mindnumingly awsum!, its not everyday that you have the chance to pay respects to those who skate hard every day and put their body through alot.. blood&sweat, Namly the new owner of CREATEORIGINALS graphic frames, BILLY´O NEAL who has made a siick comeback after his launch down the stairs doing a 180spin... and BANG!! getting hit like some animal on the road suffering from what i know, swollen muscles and brusies, But enough of that, The point is it just shows how dedicated and what passion he had, and that how keen he was to strap those USDs on and do what he loves again we are in the end only human and those who are good at what they do need a break from skating their ass of, To get back on track WINTERCLASH is a the main event in european rollerblading and for the first year where not only the rolling community but the public were able to come and see what we are about and what we represent, Im pretty happy to say we blew peoples minds away.. the question can be put, " where was i? on a different planet? is this for real or a video game?, it was and is worth the experience for anyone from any country, you have a great party atmosphere the first night after am´s and a afterclash where you can catch up and say hi to people from 40different ethnic backrounds, then you have a industry expo where you get to sample all the FRSH! gear that is there to buy at a reduced price and some cool gear coming out at your local skate shop soon.. shoes,sunglasses,jumpers,tshirts.... everything!! from head toe.

besides all this info.

this quote should be noted and used "UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY" that is and like some may have implenented this, only if we work together and have fun while doing what we do with the wheels beneath our feet will we achieve our final goal.

the goal is within reach and pff no matter your age, have FUN and dont let no one tell you what you should do, because nothing becomes well known and liked from the start.


Now go out catch up with mates and have a sesh and depending on the day of the week grab a drink\beer and some good food with that and enjoy!;)