Thursday, February 25, 2010

A beautiful calaboration between Samuel Crusson and AOR


In our amazing fourth issue we found ourselves getting some amazing art contributions. One of the artist who wanted to help out happen to be world famous artist Samuel Crusson. Sam and I worked on idea’s of what would be a great concept. When we came to the conclusion we decided instead of having him draw and create a whole page we would have him collaborate on a existing photo of one of NYC’s legendary spot. For those who don’t know this rail, It is called Mini Stuyvesant because it replicates the big Stuyvesant rail.

While this rail has been around in the skate scene just as long as many of the new comers come and go it has since then been forgotten in the mix of our great city. Samuel was given a blank picture to do what he wished. When all the work was done what we had was a amazing masterpiece. Gap to royale has never been attempted but it is not impossible and that is what, we felt really made this art piece. One day someone will come along and mimic this exact feat but until then Samuel caught a glimpse into the future and with his talents froze a amazing art piece.


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