Thursday, May 26, 2011

WRS- BittColdShowDown TV pilot awsome viewing!

so on the 23rd we had the pleasure of seeing D.Kinney's ( Founder/Organiser of BCSD) newest visual creation to date in relation to the WRS and his event , which was filmed during the 2010 season , as some of you may have seen being there oron edits , a attempt was made by Kinney himself to break into the mainstream TV audience with the pilot of what was hoped to be the WRS series showcasing the best park competition skating, but to add to this, filming and aim was made towards a more public audience being the focus, and not just the core rollerbladers, and like any human being , we all have differing oppinions which my fellow reader / bladers is freedom of mind & thought.., personally i thought that the execution of filming was ideal and presented a action filled and informative 27minutes of fun on wheels , variety of tricks, personalities ( of those shown) , great display of how major the event was for spectators and most of all the athletes involved... the build up to tricks and excitment was electrifying and kept me wanting MORE!, although many networks do not favour "extreme sports" as important showcase or visual entertainment and athletic display and puts BASEBALL , BASKETBALL , FOOTBALL as the 3 major focus's among other everyday sports , there is no doubt that kids,teenagers and industry heads in the extreme sports industry should get a "fair go" and have the place for all the LEGIT extreme sports, we have extreme sports channel , Fuel TV , ESPN who has a channel for action sports and ONE HD ( who show extreme sports on weekends) , it all boils down to $$$ BUT also what the boss/board deems most important and what will bring the biggest viewer ratings.. . , yes there is a extreme sports channel that is coming back to our screens that has History in showing all the best of extreme sports! , Planet X sports , we've had all manner of material shown during the early days of our sport and others... X fingers all goes well for them and that they spread their wings, new material has shown up on the web page which is great..

to finish of i hope all is sorted and we will reach the peak and have our flag ontop .

1 person , YOU , can make a difference small or BIG in your community in what ever form of extreme sports.. you got connections in TV,Film, sports... , create events , demonstartions , have people/kids try skates and roll the ramps.. be the best and represent what Rollerblading is or other..