Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jeremy Townsend Misty flip to back flip attempt!! OMFG!

this was the craziest trick in park ive seen, it aint no video game, this shit was real!

well done is say , well fuckin done!!

heres some other cool footage with our legend Aaron Feinberg!! doing well considering he hasnt been in the game for a while , BUT he´s back!! USD ALL STAR, YEA!!

Barn Burner 2010 Finals from Jonathan Roulston on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is


It is a new place on the internet where you can communicate with fellow riders, plan your daily sessions, trips or tours, organize events, share and find photos, videos, gear, tricks and do many more things.
Basically, if you like action sports, this is a website for you.

o, make sure you check out the website or better join right now.

Support us and stay tuned for future updates and events.

web page:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Haffey tours Australia as part of Nitro Circus Live

Australia is the the first country Nitro Circus Live will be touring and they're bringing Haffey.


I'd suggest clicking through to the Nitro Circus quite a lot. If emesce registers as a high ranking traffic source in their website analytics it will make the organisers aware that inline is interested and a market worth selling to. Potentially.




Billy O’Neill, Steve “Alf” Iacono, and the Kelso brothers venture to Arizona for spring break to meet up with their old friend and new Arizona resident Jon Jon Bolino.

With the help of John “X-Rated” Jenkins and the great owners of Revolution Skate Shop, this was the final product of the entire trip. Enjoy.

and on the plus side this program has been or will be premiered on FOX tv and at the time shown in the pic.


It's Always Sunny In Arizona Online Video from sean kelso on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

NEW sponsers for Malmö VIKING Battle!!

AWSUM NEWS! everyone! have been in talks with BE-MAG who distribute rattail goods and the great media they tirelessly deliver, and they will support the event which is happening this May(more details will be on the banner) and will be giving the luckey winner great prizes to win for the well deserved skater of the day ...and im sure anyone would be juiced about it!!, and there are other plans on the drawing board as you read this which will be reveiled soon and specificly for the swedish scene.. wait and see;P.

soo so far we have:

Razors Skates
NIMH skates





Facebook event group:!/group.php?gid=190454819062&ref=mf

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Film: Carts of Darkness

i came across this random doco. posted by Jan welch on Rat-tail and it really was interesting besides the fact that these guys have their own extreme sport "cart racing" lived a fairly sustainable life, enough to eat,drink,smoke.. nice places to sleep unlike many new york homeless people.

i wasnt sure if this would be the right place to showcase this, but considering the similarities it is a eye opener in regards to making you feel greatful that you dont have to live like they do and that you have a network of people that care about you and to care about... and have the chance to lead a great life doing what you want and love.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Malmö Viking Battle! SWEDEN


sooo summer is closeing in and its time to confirm dates and times and locations to prepair a event that i hope will be a great one.

it will be located at stapelbedds skate park in as the title states, Malmö which lately has had many spots uncovered soo some good street is to be grinded this summer.

as for the event that ive organised, we currently have Andy at Razors skates supoorting the event with nice prizes and also Grindhouse which i hope will send a great assortment of skate gear and accessories as well as other sponsers yet to be confirmed.

but others that can be done like REDBULL and after hard 2days at the end of each day we may have budwiser supporting us to chill and reminice of the time that has been had.

a banner is soon to be done and posted with confirmed details and sponsers attached with contact info for others visiting from near by countries.

a fee will be placed which will not be a big one and that money will be donated for a good cause and mabe even also for 1st place winners for each category..

best trick

best line

and style...

the aim of this event is also to show locals what its all about and how much fun rollerblading is and hey we may even have a BBQ with mmm sosges and throw a shrimp on the barbie as we aussies say ;P.

hope to see anyone and everyone there for a good time and feel free to bring food and drinks etc... if you can and are willing to help conribute to photo content and make a edit...

event month planed is May rest will be reveiled on the banner

Winterclash Episode 1: B.T.S with Jojo Jacobi

Be-Mag stepped up its event coverage this year by pulling together a team for Winterclash 2010. In addition to our live event coverage, we produced a few Winterclash Episodes to give you a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world's biggest rollerblading competitions! Enjoy Episode 1 with Jojo Jacobi!

Winterclash2010/Jojo Jacobi Interview and the build up! Episode 1 from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

after watching jojo´s interview i could only think to myself, " we need to help in any way possible as a community" and the fact that i did feel very luckey to have attended the event, and since we have the google adscence program to help, google will donate a percentage of what they get payed by advertisers to my blog which will help solidify the event for 2011! to secure the future where those who havent been able to visit can visit and be at the best event of the year!

Lets all help and just click on a grindhouse ad. or any ,each time you come to read up on new content.

and be happy you were part of making the difference.

and help grow funds i have a humour-me-humour-you comedy blog(located right side in rolling links) which will be filled with clips that ive come accross which are really funny and if your home after a hard week of school,collage,university,work and need a laugh check the site often, with comedy from the USA,UK,AUSTRALIA in any form. classic to most recent.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rad White and his TwentyThreeHundred Film Local Aussie News


recently featured in one of Australia´s news papers a former rollerblader rad white now a avid skimboarder reping hard for his passion that has been skimboarding for now 10years.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gedda Headz - Spaced Out feat. Xsjado´s...

Gedda Headz - Spaced Out from jayjayp on Vimeo.

at last the 3 extreme sports in one video featuring local xsjado farmer skater from hongkong..


Friday, March 19, 2010

HUMOUR ME-HUMOUR YOU new blog peep it!

new blog based on pure humour found on the web... all in ONE place for a highlight of theday or afternoon after hard day at school,uni,work... click on the adds to help double funds thanks;)

CLICK 2 Raise Funds for grassroots sports Events!

hey as some of you know im trying to raise money for grassroots events by useing adscence,for my rolling-a-mindgameinfocus and to help roll things along.. summer is up and a full report will surely be up on the blog above and on the plus side the roll2gether team from germany have been in contact and are making the trip to tour to swedens best skate parks and ive suggested they check lingköping and check hangaren, göteborg action park and also stockholm guldet skate park if thats still skateable... and as in time for the malmö viking street&park battle at stapelbedds skate park located 10min away from malmö central station, so for all you danish,finish,norwigen rollers make a space for the weekend and get out in the sun and show the public what we are about and have mad time, we will have Razors skates,GRINDHOUSE SKATE SHOP and if any others get confirmed we ll have many more prizes to hand out to BEST TRICKs, lines and over all skater of the day with possibly coverage by BE-MAG and mabe even the local news paper SYDSVENSKAN or metro... and sponsers like REDBULL keeping up flying high all day long and BUDWISER to chill out with after a long hard day of skating in the sunny european sun...

so all you people close to sweden and visiting come by in may.. date and time will be 100% confirmed.

stay tuned and keep an eye peeling.. and for picnics , stapel has new areas built so bring wine and water and fine food and enjoy the entertainment and music aaand mabe even a BBQ...

click on any ADDS to contribute to the cause and at no cost to you. thanks

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Johanny Velasquez and USD Transformers – doing it the right way, and getting kids skating and inspired!


Here is an email from a happy Jojo skate user!

February 27, 2010

The Johani Transformer skates are so cool! Once I got my skates I couldn’t believe what was on the back……………. JOHANI! The Johani Transformers are great to skate in, fun to ride in, and look cool. The thing I like most about the skates is that they give you more stability and control.

After a while I don’t know who but someone made ice blades for the Transformers.

One day when I was thinking about the Transformers I thought that they should have made the middle of the skate (grinding part) open so if you were to put a rail on the ice you could grind. Although I can’t grind I just thought of it.

Blake Olson



And here is another amazing edit from 9 year old Dominik Koch, showing that age is of no consequence when it comes to hammers! Dom is a youngster that we are proud to support in Germany!

One Day Bowl Aurich from Dom Seven on Vimeo.

this is what i can progress and it can only get better;)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day in Our Lives: Episode 5 Teaser

A Day in Our Lives Episode 5 teaser from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

m m mmmmm yeees!! it is gonna be a good day, footage tape and this series of days in rollers lives is bangin.. besides the girls involved of course ;), be hangin for this ep. out sooon and im gussing footage tape is doing their h.w so some chock a block filled eps will a humerous experience.

all you have a good day and thanks for the vist. please do click to donate to a good cause. grass root events at no cost to you.

KEEPROLLING and enjoy!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Australia: Street edit by Thomas Dalbis


quoting Tomez (KAL CREW):

Here’s my latest edit showcasing the Australian scene ; filmed in Melbourne, Canberra, Yass and Bennella.

Featuring skaters such as Jamie Nicholson (Remz Australia), Tom Coley-Sowry (Razors Australia), Matthias Ogger (Rollerblade International), Craig Smith, Jeremy Dalbis, Tom Sawyer, Hadrien Bastouille, Thomas Dalbis.

Filmed & Edited by Thomas Dalbis ; Soundtrack by Hudson Mohawke.

Australia Street edit #2 from Tomez KAL CREW on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

K2 Varsity Mini Review by R.A.M.G.I.F


so recently while out in the city of Malmo,sweden looking for work i checked out the local sports store "INTERSPORT" and what they had for rollerblades for this year and i was pleased that their still supporting rolling and to my suprise they had the K2 Varsity instock which was great since there has been alot of sceptisism , if it was a hit and miss for a comback skate, back into our sport.

I tried them in size 42EU\9US and i was not too suprised at the comfort since i have had experience with the classic K2 Fatty Pro which was the high end skate back in the 90s, the feel of the skate was as if i sliped my foot into a really comfy sneaker and as everybody has seen, the front looks shoe like with the rubber toe strip and black strip along the side.., the over all design of the liner is all about direct control and comfort, the padding around the leg is simple yet adequet enough to give you none of that cuff diging into your ankle but on the other hand ive only had the chance to skate around the shop so for a more long term idea of how the varsity compares to the 100% skater owned and run brands free samples mabe;), but i can say that k2 has still got work to do in regards to how the skate comes together, from what i could see the soul system was not replaceable and had a foam soul under the soul system to hold the boot and soul system in place, would of been better if they had both parts more one piece , and not two piece if you get what i mean, for that clean look that you get from most other skates on the market now, the buckle was pretty short in comparison to my nimh v2s and the design of the part which you grab to open was cheap and way thin so one fall and you may be in need of a new one so mabe a replacement for a razors,USD buckle.., and a bigger buckle protector "hump" , the soul system itself looked to be pretty stable for grinds eg. fast slides,royals,farves... and reminded me of the xsjado souls but only because of the royal groove design which is awsum!, and as for material used hmm i hope they got that right... saw these at the winterclash2010 and they seemed to slide controlably, the material used for the ouside boot felt pretty hard\durable which is yet to be tested, umm and as for the silver buttons hmm why??, just makes no functional scence, space to fill?, i wouldnt suggest a pro try these skates for serious skating but for some one who is going from some old salomons,or the standard k2s these will give you what you need to get better at your skating and have you steezed with the right frame set up and good set of wheels and bearings.

price wise i personally would not pay 200Euro´s but at most 160euro.

give them a fair go and like most non skater run co.s once a budget is set when they make money from those who choose to try these, a team of 2 skaters will become reality, but who wants to??, mabe try Rollerblades method, hire some one thats in the sport and has the experience and is a skater and make a K2street page same as rollerblade has teamtrs with tom hyser at the helm.

we want brands that show that they care about the sport, not trying the same tricks as used in the early days.

other than that Good luck K2, this aint inline skating.

we support those who put their lives on the line everyday when they strap their blades on and love what they do and care.

feat. none replaceable liner like the USD carbon which isnt that bad since the comfort is good.

cuff can be replaced with the standard black k2 cuff.

and like most skates UFS for any frames and wheel set up you want.

the stiched logo name is funny to say the least.

hope you guys at k2 come out with a updated skate in a cool colour way.;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Chaz Sands Invitational 2009: TV Show Sneak Peek

So with all the excitement surrounding Rampworx TV’s first broadcasted show “The Chaz Sands Invitational 2009”, which is airing this Saturday in the UK on the Extreme Channel at 8pm! We released this sneak peek of the first 2 minutes from the 1 hour long show. You will have to tune in on Saturday to see the full length show… Enjoy.

Chaz Sands Invitational TV Show Sneak Peek from Simon Mulvaney on Vimeo.

A sneak peek of the first 2:30mins of the Chaz Sands Invitational Documentary by Simon Mulvaney.

The show is being aired on Extreme Sports Channel on 13.03.10 at 8pm. Sky Channel 419 – Virgin Media Channel 527.

Starring: Chaz Sands, Billy O’Neil, Brian Aragon, Brian Shima, Chris Haffey, Fallon Heffernan, Franky Morales, Jenna Downing, Mike Johnson, Montre Livingston, Stefan Horngacher, Steve Swain.

Cameras: Simon Mulvaney, Jordan Maders, Stew Game, Guy Gotto, Sam Starkey, Grant Major, Lawrence Badger.

Audio Technician: Neill McCartney.

Director: Simon Mulvaney ; Line Producer: Ian Robinson ; Producers: Simon Mulvaney, Chaz Sands, Matthew Dearden.

The Official Website for the Chaz Sands Invitational 2010 is online:

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Girls at Winterclash, Berlin 2010


Girls at winterclash Berlin 2010 from jordan maders on Vimeo.


Goulburn Fruit Jam 2010, Australia | Compilation


From Melbourne to Goulburn for the first Goulburn Fruit Jam. Part of the World Rolling Series.

Filmed by Hayden Golder on his Nikon D300s ; Edited by Craig Smith.

Lenses used: Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye, Nikon 70-200mm f2.8G SWM VR ED IF, Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 SWM ED IF ; Color corrected using Magic Bullet ‘Looks’.

Goulburn Fruit Jam | Compilation from Craig Smith | Pave Prods on Vimeo.

Goulburn Fruit Jam 2010 from Canthrax Rolling Collective on Vimeo.

Gnaf 42 Years Old!, France Edit

I featured a lot of young skaters over the years and i was pleased to get a message from Gnaf, about his Profile. Gnaf is born is 1968 (42 years old), and this is surely the edit of the oldest skater i have seen.


Filmed in Roller Park Avenue, Fresnes (94), Paris Bercy, La Butte Rouge, Meudon (92), Velizy, Guyancourt (78), Carnon, Poussan (34), et au Cosanostra Skatepark (77).

Filmed by the Utopie Crew, edited by Guillaume Chanaud.

Song: David McWilliams – Days of pearly Spencer.

David McWilliams - Days of pearly Spencer from Yokozuna on Vimeo.

Triple J Hack(Australian Radio): Rollerblading.!!

Good news all round, rollerblading is getting tv and radio coverage much of late which i can imagine is getting all you rollers juiced!! and real happy, as it is getting me real excited.

Just recently we had Bil owner of skater Hq in manly and sydney city interviewd about the history of the sport and other categories..

really interesting snd not to mention CJ wellsmore Sydneys very own, on the phone reping our scene and showing his passion for what we all strive for and love doing!;),hopefully ill have a interview ready soon.

you can listen to the full interview which has others talking about their culture.. skip through if you want and enjoy!;).

LINK: wednesday 3rd March.


Questions and Photos by Dale Travers


Here in Brisbane we are noticing a bit of a change in the air. Skatebiz tells me they are still selling skates. We are seeing new groups of kids showing up at skateparks and everyone seems to want to roll more. Personally I think it has a lot to do with Gerard Ahrens from Velvet Couch Clothing. He started the Wednesday Night Skates to get everyone out mid week for a roll. Facebook has a lot to do with it as we have a "Brisbane Rollerbladers" Facebook page set up by Luke Stonebanks and Gerard. It's just a place were people can post when and where they are rolling. It's a simple but effective tool as everyone is on Facebook these days.

I had a chat with Gerard to see how things are going as I try to attend every Wednesday to either skate or shoot photos to help promote it and get the word out.

DT: Hey Gerard how ya doing man?

GA: I'm good bro!

DT: Just a quick back round on yourself, how long have you been rolling and what do you do?

GA: Well i have been rolling on and off for the last 16 years including time out from various injury's I mostly skate street but also enjoy a bit of park what ever it takes to be out rolling with my mates.

DT: When did you start Velvet Couch Clothing?

GA: I started VC in 1998 and it has grown so much over the years. We have had so many good comps and gigs and always pushing the rolling scene through out all of it. Trying to get new people involved into the rolling scene. We have the new 2010 line about to drop which will melt your face right of your head haha

DT: How are the Right 2 Rolls going?

GA: Right 2 Roll is always the best day!! R2R 7 was a mad chilled day at paradise city with the best ledges and the slip and slide going, I thought i would make number 7 a bit more chilled cause everything in the city is getting capped and the secers are out in force a bit more these days so we found the best spot to hold the comp. But this year R2R8 will be back in the streets of Boomtown around November. I also had the R2R DVD done on my computer but my hard drive crashed and lost everything so it has been a tedious task capturing all 7 R2R's and re editing it all but we should have it out this year. So remember; if you keep supporting VC we can keep bringing you these comps.

Gerard Ahrens / Natural Transition to Pole Stall / Valley

DT: How long have been organising the WNS?

GA: Well the Wednesday Night Super Roll started a while ago it is a really good way to break up the week and hang out with your mates and go out and hit some street.

DT: What is the WNS?

GA: Wednesday Night Super Roll is a mid week street session followed by a beer or 3 at fiddlers elbow ( back packers ) $7.50 jugs cant go wrong, so after the roll we all go there and party it up and reflect on the adventures from the hours before.

DT: How many skaters are coming and have you seen an increase in numbers over that time?

GA: We normally have about 10 - 15 peeps with us but some night there has been like 40 + which is crazy. Every week we see a new face which is dope as!!!

DT: I was in Arizona last year and they have the TNS every week, their numbers are huge and mostly young kids, theirs is thriving and building every year. Do you see our numbers building and our scene getting stronger?

GA: Well yes our scene is defiantly getting stronger every week more and more people are strapping on the boots and are out rolling. VC has been showing rolling dvd's in various nightclubs and gigs to show people what we do to break the stereo type of rollerbladers are gay cause i can assure you that no one is saying that when they see what we do.

Gerard Ahrens / Backside Unity Up The Ledge / Herston

DT: What did you think of the Skatemeet?

GA: The skate meet was mad fun!! Everyone had a roll and was a dope atmosphere its just a shame it got rained out. But looking forward to the next one!

DT: What's the future for Brisbane rollerblading?

GA: VELVET FUCKING COUCH MOTHER FUCKER!!! haha Well like everything its a full circle skate boards were in, then bmx now scooters, rollerblading has to be next!! But we just need to keep pushing the sport and get it out there to people and kids that would never get to see what we do.

DT: Thanks for your time Gerard and any last shout outs?

GA: To the entire VC fam for all there support over the years and the best parties!!. Everyone who has ever made it out to a R2R, The Thompson Massive!!! Great times with you guys. Skate biz, Guy from red, The VC Knights, Clockwork records. All the VC designers Cammo, Mystik, Sofels, etc. big Zeus dog and snake. Any one who has ever drunk out of a shoe much respect!

Other Photographs from the Brisbane Wednesday Night Skate:

Rob Kellett / 540 / Capalaba

Lips / Topside Torque Soul / Garden City

Lachy / Topsoul / South Brisbane

Saturday, March 6, 2010

CJ and Richie : Undercover Wheels

CJ and Richie : Undercover Wheels from Dom West on Vimeo.

In association with BE-MAG and The Conference, here is an edit of CJ and Richie skating Waterloo and Avalon skateparks. CJ and Richie recently received a Pro wheel from Undercover which you can buy now. Also featuring skating from Rian Arnold, James Bower, Dom West, Simon Dorabialski, Mass Alhattawi and Kenny Tico.
Also check for a new article on Richie.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Farm by Paul John

The Farm from Paul John on Vimeo.

my girlfriend loves the song;P

siick edit with chris Farmer.

Rollerbladers in Town for Major Event FOX News

Rollerbladers in Town for Major Event

Updated: Friday, 26 Feb 2010, 8:17 PM EST
Published : Friday, 26 Feb 2010, 8:17 PM EST


It's called stunt rollerblading, and one of the biggest events in the world is happening here in metro Detroit this weekend.

Would you believe the world's premiere indoor skate park is right on the border of Madison Heights and Royal Oak?

"We have people from Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Australia," said owner George Leichtweis.

Leichtweis is once again welcoming the best inline skaters and thousands of spectators for the Tenth Annual Bitter Cold Showdown at Modern Skate Friday and Saturday.

"Aggressive skating taking it to the whole next level of athleticism and guts," Leichtweis said.

Chris Haffey is credited with being the planet's leading rollerblader. We asked him how one becomes the number one rollerbalder in the world. He replied, "You pay someone really well to say that. I'm just kidding. I don't know, just... a lot of time put in, really. I mean, I've been doing it since I was like ten years old."

Chris' most watched video on YouTube has been viewed 1.6 million times. It's called "Longest Rail Grind... Maybe."

Pro skater Nick Wood loves the setup.

"This is a good, good park. Just the whole layout how it's... wall to wall with obstacles. In the middle, it's like you don't lose your speed. You go back and forth. It's got a good viewing area. Like a lot of things coming together to make a great contest," said Wood.

The 80,000 square foot Modern Skate park is at 1500 Stephenson Highway.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Jamie / Arron / Dale / Sweeping

Such a great day for Brisbane skating happened on Feb 6th 2010. Skatemeet No.1 at our biggest skatepark. Unfortunately this park is right next to a quarry with lots of rocks which always make it down onto the park. I made everyone aware of this fact beforehand to bring brooms but lucky for me some friends also brought leave blowers. We made light work of all the rocks and broken glass then the skating began.

This park is big enough to do lines all day with hips, long quarters, a bowl, ledges and a nice rail. It's definitely a work out linking tricks. Young gun Sam Bradley was ripping around the park with fast switch-ups, long grinds and flowing style. The older guys showed everyone how to go big and young guys showed skill on the rail. Sessions went down and the vibe was high with the music pumping for a good 2 hours. The rain was just holding off as Thomas had a great idea to try and stall the light pole from the bowl. It sits back about 6ft from the coping so he roped in a dude with a motorbike for more speed. Unfortunately it seemed to difficult so Gerard stepped up. Just as Gerard was getting the right speed from a few attempts the rain came down. Packing up everything so fast we had to leave the Skatemeet there. With around 50-70 people turning up it was amazing. Everyone came got their skates on and at least made an effort. It was the first time in a long time where i saw no skateboarders at this park. Everyone received vouchers and product from Skatebiz. Rollerblading is back in Brisbane and we are only looking to expand on this first event. Once a month. Don't miss out on the next one and bring your friends.