Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day In A Life! with Tory Treseder!! A Must SEE

"Day In The Life" - Tory Treseder from Cameron Card on Vimeo.

some much anticipated NEWS from one of our past well known acts T. Rex as he's nicknamed...

there are some juicey news about 2 brands coming out with FRSH! gear in the very near future... Heat Wheels and ABLE HARDWARE!

X fingers that the frames and other ;) ... watch and Enjoy!!!

with team riders like Erik Bailey, jeff stockwell and so much more....

Support and grab some!! i know i will!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fredrik Andersson & Zebastian Cassel skating the new USD Throne skates

Fredrik Andersson & Zebastian Cassel USD Sweden from 013 VideoMagazine on Vimeo.

"This was filmed in Eskilstuna and Linköping(Sweden) during 3 sessions. Dope skating, just as you would expect from these dudes."

Monday, December 27, 2010

Right To Roll 8 promo- Official Edit SOON!;)

official Edit coming SOON!! another siick event

Sunday, December 26, 2010


siema! a kool dvd feature with what i see as having a common relation for many who seek happiness in life , enough to live , enough to enjoy and enough to continue doing what they believe in and have passion and FUN with.

some mental skaters out in poland and many may not think of poland as their choice of holiday destinations but personally i can say that the Food, Alcohol eg BEER!, and women as well as the overall history and architecture is fantastic it wont rip a big whole in your wallet and the rollers are chill azz.

MADE in POLAND 6 official trailer from ownstyle on Vimeo.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

What is Eitan Kramer doing these days? exclusive!

ok so i was looking for info on what the list of sponsers were back in 1997 in relation to mainstream brands like nesquik etc..

and i saw a trickology clip with some of our legends randy "roadhouse" spizer , our very own aussie Cesor Mora and then Eiten comes on and i saw a clip on the side of a older eitan..

good to see this guy still staying in shape ;P ... get them blades back on Kramer!!

Bolle Eye wear Supporting Rollerblading Events!!

"Hey Everyone,

Bolle sunglasses are holding a Wild Card contest over summer So check out the link below if you want to win some cool prizes and help promote rolling through some mainstream outlets.

Source: Australia's Rollerblading Forum.

post 2:
And yes they will be attending the Nationals and any other comp over the summer so please let me know if you have a comp or tour coming up and we'll get Bolle to support it." or

Sounds more legit than anything which is great! and a oppertunity..

when i first saw this i hesitated but looking into it and also having memories of bolle being involved with Rollerblading in its 'Golden days" with the blue/black highlighted logo T shirt....etc... i say yes to the idea of having outside support and its at the best time in regards of where our sport/culture is at now.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vine St (Australia) by Dom West: Trailer!!

premier going down in sydney tommorrow night!! grabing a copy!

Vine St Trailer from Dom West on Vimeo.

Blading on College Humor!! @ 2:15

besides this being one of the most insane!!! videos of Parkhour ive seen to date... the move on some classic rollerblade TRS's is MMAD:)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Open Swedish Championship Results!! young kids every where!!

I was very much excited to see that now in the last 2years there has been a healthy growth spirt in the participant rate of kids as young as 8years!! up to the average 15 year olds... which is vital for any sport to get where it needs to be in order for us to be able to keep PRO's and upcoming AM's inspireing and progressing what we love as a sport/culture/Lifestyle...

I can truely say that i am proud of everyone that has taken uppon them selves responsablity to promote the sport the way it needs to be in order for us to grow BIGGER , STRONGER and United! ;)

* CLAPING HANDS * well done! keep up the good work:)

Final Results
Senior division 2010-11-27

1. Fredrik Andersson Eskilstuna
2. Kenth Ulvedal Stockholm
3. Igor Jovanovic Eskilstuna
4. Joakim Wall Finspång
5. Patrik Johansson Eskilstuna
6. Andreas Johansson Eskilstuna

Senior Open Swedish Championship 2010-11-27

1. Nils Jansons Lettland
2. Piotrek Combrzynski Polen
3. Alex Popovic Danmark
4. Olav Norheim Norge
5. Fredrik Andersson Eskilstuna

Junior SM 2010 upp tom 15yrs
1. Jacob Jonsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
2. Jonathan Kinnemar 13yrs Eskilstuna
3. Johannes Karlsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
4. Christoffer Kinnemar 15yrs Eskilstuna
5. Oliver Eriksson 14yrs Jonsered
6. Linus Lindberg Hansén 14yrs Eskilstuna
7. Jesper Nyzell 14yrs Eskilstuna
8. Vicktor Söderholm 15yrs Strängnäs
9. Filip Bergström 11yrs Växsjö
10. Tim Fredriksson 14 yrs Linköping
11. Sebastian Gocev 11yrs Eskilstuna
12. Max Danielsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
13. Rasmus Törnstrand 11yrs Eskilstuna
14. Kristian Tigerstad 14yrs Linköping
15. Billy Ohlsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
16. Tim Sehlstedt 15yrs Göteborg
16. Johan Sjöström 13yrs Eskilstuna
18. Ismael Shelbyson 12yrs Eskilstuna
18. Emil Pettersson 12yrs Eskilstuna
18. Billy Fredriksson 10yrs Eskilstuna
21. Luc Carlsson 13yrsEskilstuna
22. Filip Jonsson 8yrs Eskilstuna

First Glide Cam Test By: Cesar Macay

Next gen. represent! ;)

First Glidecam test edit from Cesar Macay on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SWEEDEN go GREEN tour - part 4

SWEEDEN go GREEN tour - part 4 from martins jansons on Vimeo.

Shannon Rodgers: Revolution, On the Spot, Interview

REVOLUTION "ON THE SPOT" SHANNON RODGERS from Revolution Skateshop on Vimeo.

Coco Sanchez - @ woodward 2010! shit is siick;)

Coco Sanchez - Woodward West 2010 from 9TO5Mixtape on Vimeo.

Mark Wojda - AM summer Edit 2010!! SICK!!

CREATE ORIGINALS™ Mark Wojda 2010 Am Team Summer Edit from Create Originals on Vimeo.

Young Gun: Frederic Bukowski (12) PMG Rider (France)

FRED BUKOWSKI-Part#2 from P.M.G on Vimeo.

Electric Renaissance by Andrew Nemiroski

Montage of random footage from the passed couple of months of rad times.

Order of Appearance: Kyle Couture, Bob O’Connor, Eric Woods, Justin Diaz, Brian Long, John O’Donnell, Colin Kelso, Quintin Lamb, Eric Thompson, Steve Iacono, Scott McCampbell, Andrew Smolak, Andrew Nemiroski, Carl Palo, Dave Lang, Casey Geraghty, and Drew Amato.

Electric Renaissance from Andrew Nemiroski on Vimeo.

Sideshow Rodeo by Jamie Olmstead: Trailer

A video by Jamie Olmstead (Footage Tape).

Starring Michael Braud, David Sizemore & Adam Ehalt. Also featuring Julian Bah, Kevin Dowling, Nils Jansons, Carson Starnes, Mason Richard, Thomas Martin, Matt Jones and more.

Art Director: David Dodge ; Directed and edited by Jamie Olmstead.

nice edit.. cool effects ... on the list of wanted?

Sideshow Rodeo - Trailer from Sideshow Rodeo on Vimeo.

Josh Petty: USD Coup de Tat Profile

a profile , a legend , missed?? , yeah..

one of the idols in 1997 back when VG7s media ocracy came out.. this guy had that siick style... with those army pants... that actually didnt look stupid...

USD Coup De Tat -04- Josh Petty from ConferenceTV on Vimeo.

VG7 - Josh petty section:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Nimh Team Video - December 2010

The Nimh Team Video. Edited by Brian Shima and Dustin Raysik.

Featuring John Bolino, Montre Livingston, Brian Shima, Joey Chase, Oli Short, Casey McFarland, Marc Moreno, Matty Schrock and many more Nimh supporters.

Premiere info and shipping dates coming soon.

The Nimh Team Video - December 2010 from Monk & Race on Vimeo.

OMFG!!!!! a must have perhaps!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Youcan! Youthcancer Australia rollbenefit in the planing

Hello everybody, sorry I haven't had access and still don't have access to a proper laptop to get things done, thank god I have a iPod touch lol, the deal is that I'm trying to organise a roll4benefit youth cancer event that I'm hopeing will become a annual event that will help kids ,the youth to build facilities and funding for people that have or had cancer, also on the other hand this gives rollerblading great oppertunities in regards to mainstream recognition and to inspire others and motivate. , let's get this event listed on the W.R.S once all is ready and see what happens;).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tom Coley-Sowry: One Minute One Spot

Intro and photo by Craig Smith
Edit by Thomas Dalbis

This spot is located in Wheelers Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The only time I had been there everyone was having a bad day, so we decided to make excuses to not skate it, the rail was too sketchy, down-hill run-up, little lip of wood to get caught on just near the end of the rail on the far-side, and 'graze your face' asphalt to land on. So when I heard from Mr. Dalbis that little Tom Coley-Sowry managed to pump out a 'One Minute One Spot' edit just on this rail I was so pumped! I've known Little Tom for around 3-4 years now, and when he's not chilling/relaxing/catching his breath at a spot, he's a ball of energy just shredding (sort of like Sonic the Hedgehog). He has a bright future in skating, and I hope him all the best.

Tom Coley-Sowry: One Minute One Spot from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

1. Name: Tom Coley-Sowry
2. Age: 15
3. Hometown: St.kilda
4. Sponsors: Bayside Blades, Jug Footwear, Razors
5. Favorite skate event you attended so far: 2009 Australian Rolling Titles
6. Best contest results so far: 1st in the under 18's at at the 2010 Aus Rolling Open
7. Three characteristic features that describes you the best: Extrovert, joker, quick witted
8. Current set-up: SL Bambricks with a white genesis cuff
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Ian Mcleod promo for ACHOSEN-FEW
10. Good advice you’ve been given: What goes around comes around
11. Dumbest thing you did in your life so far: Had too much of a good thing
12. Best thing you did in your life so far: Started Rollerblading
13. A place you really want to travel to next: France would be cool
14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favourite spot: My boys Jack McVeigh, Thomas Dalbis and Andy Plumridge, plus Danny Jensen for some free entertainment haha
15. One Amateur who should be pro: Korey Waikiki

Xcrews exclusive Interview: Colin Kelso

Here is, the interview where Colin Kelso speaks about what happened on Be-Mag messageboard, how is he right now, in what he is working at the moment and how is his life, everythig made possible by Colin Kelso and Tony Cheetah.

All the questions are marked on bold as you can navigate better throught it, right now, no more words... here is the interview to Colin Kelso from Tony Cheetah:

(Tell us what are your thoughts about the truth of Skating and whats the philosophy that you wanted to represent on the truth 2.)
When it comes to piecing a video part together, I have always tried to do things differently. I like to watch old videos and see things being done that were cool then, but are not being done now. An example of that would be my fast plant 360 in my section in the truth2. How many people know that Matt Andrews did that in vg5 supernatural? You see, making something new is pretty close to impossible but people have been trying to re-invent things so they can be shown in the right light. Take Farmer with bringing negatives back and doing them with style. Or look at Broskow and how he popularized a once often over-looked illusion spin. I mean those tricks were not invented by those guys but when you watch their video parts you can see they sort of have this message going on with them. And don't get me wrong I am not saying these guys consciously make an effort to do that, but maybe they do? Either way, the point I am trying to make is that the "truth" or whatever you want to call it behind my philosophy is to use your brain. The best skaters in the world all use their brain and are more times than not are extreme perfectionists when it comes to their skating. I have always lived by the ideal, "don't tolerate sloppy skating if it is in your skill set to lace it better"...or something along those lines hahah. I think you guys know what I mean.

(Tell us why we have to buy The truth 2.)
Well, the truth2 was actually made by skaters who themselves were also capable to produce video sections as well. I don't think theres any other filmers in the game who pump out video parts as well as film them. I think thats what adds to why we have had such a positive response from the skating community. Having been able to skate on a professional level as allowed us to gain insight that has really furthered our filming capabilities. It's been a blessing working with the talented individuals that we worked with and if you want to see some of the most tasteful skating to date of Billy O'Neill, Austin Paz, Franco Cammayo, JonJon Bolino, Montre Livingston, Alex Broskow, Murda, and the Kelso Brothers then this is why you should get the DVD.

)Whats is the full equipment of camera's that you used to make the video?)
We used a Panasonic HVX, Panasonic DVX, a 5D AND a 7D.

(Why did you use that music in your section? What was the reason of using hardrock songs like Danzig?)

I'm actually super glad you asked me that question. This is a long story, but it's definately one worth telling and it just goes to show you how much thought I actually put into making a section in regards to more than just trying to do innovative tricks.

Alright, so we all know the truth2 took two years to film. A lot can happen to a man in two years and needless to say a lot happened to me during the filming of this section.

But first let me dive into how I was going mad. And since I am kind of a hard guy to embarrass I really have no shame in stating that I acted like an asshole to a lot of people on the internet, especially be-mag. If you can remember ever reading one of my rants about the industry or why contests suck you can probably remember that it sounded super angry. And I was angry. I was going through this crazy point in my life. Perhaps maybe it had to do with rollerblading being such a deprived market due to the main market shares not distributing their profits correctly. I really want to do good for this culture and sometimes I take it way too far and then de-value the good opinions I might have made with my super emotional shit talk.

Now during this time of me going mad, I was receiving a lot of backlash from USD who wanted to know why I haven't been putting out any material lately. They thought maybe I wasn't skating because I had been saving this footage for two years. And since the internet took over and the cult of the amateur arose. What I mean by the cult of the amatuer is that now any one with a 1300 dollar computer, some editing software, and a video camera can now be put onto the same media pedestal as professionals. You see back in the day professionals were featured in videos/magazines and no where else. But what happened is all these amateur skaters started putting out more edits with less experienced skating and lower quality. But the audience didn't seem to mind and nor did the sponsors who only care about catering to their audience. I was angry that the internet was ruining our standards for rollerblading. It drove me mad because I thought a lot of people getting shine didn't even deserve it. I thought what I had loved and had so much respect for was going down the toliet and I wanted to change it. Thats why you saw the insane side of me writing on message boards to convey my philosophy behind skating.

So after a while, I started to think maybe it was all the drinking and drugs I was doing that was making me insane. Or maybe it was that my body needed a clense? I wasn't sure but I decided it would probably be for the better to one day just go cold turkey and quit all that crap. And it was a good thing I did. I finished up my section the last 2 and a half months completely sober before our deadline. Thats when I was able to get a lot of my hammers in and it was also the time when I shaved my head. Whenever I had to leave something behind I always did it by shaving my head. This might sound a little crazy but I think something gets learned when you leave something behind. In my case I was leaving behind drugs and having a shaved head symbolized in my mind that I would be ready to grow into something new. And something new did come to me. I have learned how to deal with the way things are on a respectful level and I no longer feel the need to rage out or put anybody or anything on blast for no reason.

Needless to say I was feeling appologetic and extremely sad when I had this revelation. I want everyone to know that I acknowledge acting like that is unprofessional and wrong. I do feel regret and would like to appologize. And I think I did that with my truth 2 section. Let me explain why.

Alright, so I am super into lyrics when it comes to picking a song to skate to.

The first song I skated to was the Green Manalishi by Judas Priest. This song was originally written by Peter Green. Peter Green used to be in Fleetwood Mac, and the last song he wrote before he left was the haunting 'Green Manalishi,' which seems to document his struggle to stop his descent into madness.

Green has explained that he wrote the song after experiencing a drug-induced dream, in which he was visited by a green dog which barked at him. He understood that the dog represented money. He is quoted to have said, "It scared me because I knew the dog had been dead a long time. It was a stray and I was looking after it. But I was dead and had to fight to get back into my body, which I eventually did. When I woke up, the room was really black and I found myself writing the song."

This relates to my story behind making my section in that I had to find my way back to the skater I used to be before the anger and drugs. I knew that these lyrics would explain my story properly on a subliminal level for skaters who were smart enough to catch it. Then, I heard Judas Priest's version ahah and we all know Judias Priest is a metal legend and I figured the pace he would set for the lyrics would be more entertaining for skating than Green's version.

Now my next section I skated to Danzig- Sistinas. This song was meant to symbolize how lonely inside I felt when I realized a lot of people were starting to dislike me. This also was meant to represent my coming into realization of my mistakes.I wanted to express ideas of a new me coming into the picture. A me who in reality did ask for forgiveness to his audience. Listen to the lyrics its so obvious...

Take my hand,
You'll never find,
Another quite like mine.
If you look,
You'll see that I'm,
A lonely one.

I-I-(I) lost my soul,
Deep inside.
Oooh-And it's so,
Black and cold,
Deep inside.

That says it all right there. I am truly a lonely guy without the love from this culture. And even at the expense of maybe sounding corny to some thats the truth. Thats whats going on in my head and if you can't respect that then maybe you can atleast appreciate my honesty. But anyways all in all, this video part is meant and dedicated to those of you who lost faith in me. This section was for you guys. I love rollerblading and without it and your support I would be lost.

(The truth2 is a pure street skating video, did you have problems or bad days with cops and security guards?)
Not really. We skate in the hood. Some of the most notorious dead beat neighborhoods were featured in the truth. Theres a documentary called Killadelphia on youtube. The neighborhoods they showcase in that is what we skate and cops dont go there and if they do they are not worried about skating.

(Do you remember what was the hardest trick that you had to film?)
The hardest trick was probably one of my more technical ledge tricks. The hammers are just scary. People who try big gaps don't try them 100 times usually. I mean for a gap I wouldn't try more than 4 times and thats if I really wanted it. But on a ledge I might try something that takes hours.

(Are you going to make another skate video? any plans for the future?)
Yea we have plans for a few video projects actually. At the moment none have solidified into definates; however you can expect more online promo down the road from my brother and I. We had a blast out in Arizona when we made that "always sunny in az" edit. Trips like that are really enjoyable for us and make great for online material. I have to give a special shot out to James and Gretchen from Revolution and videographer Jon Jenkins for making that trip extra rad for us!

(What is your situation right now about representing brands...?)
I quit USD because Mark Korte is a really corny guy and I didn't like working with them anyway. They don't listen and are way too secretive. I got some Nimhs from Shima and Elliott. And now everything I rep is skater owned with no bullshit attached. And don't get it twisted I didn't leave for money. I skate Nimhs for free on prinicple. I don't want the next generation to have to go through that bullshit. I truly believe if rollerblading is going to grow then skater owned companies need to control the main market shares. It took me a lot of trial and error to come to this realization but now it has come to fruition. And with that being said I for one have made the move to only work with skater owned companies. I guarentee you would see skaters better taken care of and bigger budgets for cooler tours and just better end product in general. I personally don't want to wait around with my dick between my legs selling my soul for a couple hundred bucks a month from some greedy guy who only talks to me through emails. Its really a dead end street, more pro skaters need to man up and sacrafice to support real shit. Revolutions dont happen until people get pissed off about their situation. I am surprised more pros arent pissed the fuck off with who owns this shit. Its pretty depressing skaters will let guys like them survive when there blatently dicking us all over. In all honesty its a complete contradiction to say you want blading to grow and then not support skater owned companies who truly do have bladings best interest in mind.

Moving along though, I am actually a little terrified because rollerblading is getting really sick right now and it could go mainstream again. This could be problematic for our culture. Right now this industry's main dollars are going towards men who wouldnt distribute the funds correctly because there not skaters. They have in the past kept too much for themselves while skaters cant even get health insurance. If rollerblading blew up they would take that money and run and probably crush us into another recession. I think if we expect to have a solid future then skaters need to control the market and practice running their companies before it ever hits the lime light. This way when it does come back around our main companies will be skater owned with the right knowledge for growth. This way blading can grow instead of being stuck in this stagnet mess where two german guys who supposedly have no relation are milking us dry.Weird right? ha

(Do you have any plans to come to skate in spain? Do you remember something about when you stayed in Barcelona?)
I would love to come to skate Spain again. Barcelona was a beautiful city with some of the most interesting architecture I have ever seen. The best memory was skating block to block searching for spots with the locals. Thats what street skating is all about and thats how me and my friends like doing it back where were from! It was awesome to see the similarities and a pleasure learning the differences! I love being around new cultures and the Spanish culture was one I will surely always remember.

Thanks for the opportunity to be heard.

Take care Tony!

As a final thoughts, we will like to say thanks to Colin Kelso for the work he made on this interview, he answered very very detailed each question and took enough time to make it very well. Also, to Tony Cheetah who worked on the questions very well too and reach Colin Kelso to make this posible.


click on link for the interview in spanish.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Supergirl Jam 2010 (Venice, CA): Video Recap

Recap of the 2010 S3 Supergirl Jam from Venice, California (August 22).

Featuring snowboarding, skateboarding and inline street contests (Inline footage at 2’00).

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Man Standing 2010: Pro Competition edit + Write Up + Results

As last week Be-Mag is once again the first online source to provide an edit showing the madness at this year's Last Man Standing 2010. Our New York correspondent Joseph Perez (as well as different others) attended the event to capture the best tricks from the best Street Skaters in this world. Here is a first edit and a first review of the contest. Read on.

Intro by Oliver Nermerich
Text and edit by Joseph Perez

August 28th 2010 has now come and gone.... But nonetheless it was a remarkable weekend for me. This day is known for the Last Man Standing Pro Competition held in Upper West Manhattan at a spot that many do not skate for fun called The Pit. The Pit is a good area because the residents nor police bother rollerbladers at all. One thing is for sure though, The Pit is not a session spot but a very dangerous spot that has tested many. On this day a fellow New York Roller and friend was injured when he crossed the path of the last spot on this day. Recover well and soon Jesus Medina. I would like to say that it was very difficult to film this competition because there were so many others trying to spectate, film and photograph at the spots. I did the best I could do to put this out and make it look good, so enjoy. The turn out was 100+ including Pro's and Am's alike. This edit Features Nick Wood, Brian Aragon, Nick Uhas, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Mark Wojda, Jesus Medina, Tim Franken, Rob Guerrero, Trevor Johnson, Ramelle Knight, Alex Nunez, Jimmy Shuda, David Sizemore, Jeff Dalnes, Evan Grimball, Jose Henriquez, Dave Lang, Dan Breuer, Mason Richards, James Perez and many more.

Joseph Perez @ Be-Mag Presents Last Man Standing 2010 PRO Competition from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

The Colin K quits all sponsers disscussion

I think that colin and any other pro has full right to start demanding more from sponsers , than say for example 300USD\month which is a joke , since im sure "The Conference" makes alot more from all their brands combined!

for example if you are a wheel company which does well you would be selling 3000-6000 sets of wheels within a 3month period if not better, so say 6000 per 3months thats 24000sets in a year which = 240,000dollers so hmmm , im not saying that all the wheel co.s do but for example.

skate comapanies can sell a estimated 10,000pairs of skates for $$$\skate so thats 1000000 hmm gussing thats alot of money.. if your skate co. does that well.

the disscussion:

frame companies would make just a little more than wheel co´s $$$$\frame and for example sell say 10,000 which = 300,000

bearings , well most rollers cant be bothered with rebuilding their bearings so we could see around the same numbers as skates and bearings, 10,000 sets

then on the other hand you have to take into account, costs of producing the skates,bearings,frames,wheels,clothing... materials,paints...

I do think that USD,Xsjado,Sifika,UnderCover aka the conference could provide a better wage just a bit more to help cover costs that riders have.

as for rollerblader owned and run companies , Valo brand is doing fairly well... skates are fairly good and the quality of design for their skates and clothings is top notch and jon does put alot of time into giving the best products that he can that hold up to the task.

remz is doing some great effort to providing better built skates with resilient materials.. but he only sells skates , has a deal with ground control and 4x4 mabe which gives a bit of money to invest in remz.

nimh by brian shima&jon elliot 2-3yrs since they started and its a great brand, shima and the crew have put years into the brand and the dream and theyve got skates that look cool,m skate well and hold up well, and have been coming up with any improvments progressivly... good on em i say and support 100% skate owned.

I cant say that all the companies that make skates,wheels,frames,bearings,clothing,shoes,liners should pay alot more but calculate their net earnings better. excluding paying the factory that they pay to make the stuff.

camon 300USD\month really?

the only riders that should be paid are PRO riders , considering the fact that they are at the forefront of the sport and putting most effort in the end.

do we want to see a drop in pro riders representing professionally like we did 5-6years ago??? do we??

NO we dont! NO NO NO we dont want that.

so all the skate,bearing,wheel,clothing,shoe making companies read this and make tracks to be a more fair industry.

Lets just keep on skating and make your contribution to what you and I enjoy doing... if we want a bright future for our riders and YOU,ME then we need to Love what we do and represent , continue doing it.

exposing people to the awsome sport we have.

we are heading in the right direction with getting known and growing as a great community and culture..


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Slash & Dash: The Arizona 2010 Documentary

Roccity presents “Slash n Dash”, The Arizona 2010 Documentary.

3rd Annual Arizona trip featuring Mike Torres, Austin Paz, Dan Birch, Tim Adams, Steve Bruning, Dan Barnes, Mike Welland, Jason Reyna, Neil Diskin, Gary Murphy, Grant Hazelton, Casey McFarland, James Johnson, and Justin Brasco.

Filmed , Edited by Mike Torres.

video soon to be embeded ... few issues to solve ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Supergirl Jam 2010 & Chynna Weierstall Street Edit

Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ 4th Annual Supergirl Jam’s Skateboard Street, Snowboard Rail Jam and Inline Skating Best Trick competitions played before thousands of fans along the Venice Beach boardwalk.

At day’s end, Alexis Sablone (New York, NY), Danyale Patterson (Anchorage, AK) and Fallon Heffernan (Jacksonville Beach, FL) topped the competition as champions of the skateboard, snowboard and inline contests, respectively. [...]

Super Girl JAM & Chynna Weierstall street skating from ACHOSEN-FEW.COM on Vimeo.

Skateboarding vs. Other Extreme Sports participation numbers... blading related

inline skating as a whole is still ranked no1 in participants.. which is great, just that those numbers arent thhhat prevelent in our sport but the great thing is that the up period of our sport is in progress so we can expect more fun and exciting stuff happening like hedonskate team filming for a episode of disneys XD program now happening sooo yeah, siick stuff...

Skateboarding vs. Other Extreme Sports
# In relation to other extreme sports, skateboarding ranks second in American participants (including children, teenagers and adults) only to inline skating (with a reported participation of 17.3 million individuals). Paintball ranks third with 9.6 million participants and artificial wall climbing ranks fourth with 7.6 million participants. Skateboarding's arctic cousin, snowboarding, ranks fifth with 7.1 million participants.

Read more: How Does Skateboarding Rank in Popularity Compared to Other Sports? |

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hedonskate crew on Disney PRO XD <<< LINK

Hedonskate crew took part in shooting an episode for Disney XD channel. The show will be aired starting from October. Rollerblading is finally getting the expousure again!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MINIRAMP MASTERS message to all GIRL skaters in the WORLD!

I was pleasently Suprised to get this message with information about the MiniRampMasters, read on and be sure to represent rollerblading to the FULL and enjoy the experience! mabe even a experience of a life time!! for some of you :) , if you can make it then do it.. every experience is a great learning oppertunity to become the best and meet people from all over europe and the world! ;)

We will once again organize a massive Spine-Ramp competition in Berlin, the Grindhouse Miniramp-Masters. (WRS 2-Star event)
This comp will take place at the YOU in Berlin ( which is Europe's biggest Youth Festival (200.000 visitors). For the Spine-Ramp comp we expect again around 5.000 visitors.

So the comp will take place in front of a massive audience and we will invite Rollerbladers from all over Europe. I am sure Berlin will be really interesting for all of you. And the Prize money is big too.
The event will take place from October 1st to October 3rd.

It would be awesome to set up also a girls competition!
So it would be great if as much as possible come out there and compete!
And I am sure you will love to skate Europe's biggest Spine-Ramp. You haven't been there last year. It's one of the greatest competitions in Europe. This will be a weekend fully dedicated to skating. We will also organize a Halfpipe Comp right next door. Apparently the Yasutoko Brothers will join
the event and of course riders from all over the world.

Check out the edits from last year's event:

You-Messe/Grindhouse Spine Masters Competition from Kai Schmitz on Vimeo.

YOU Convention Berlin 2009 from Mathias von Gostomski on Vimeo.

For more information you can contacte me:

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Sue nicole

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Nimh Skates UK first2recieve in the world!

Dustin Latimer & Kevin Gillan USD All-Stars!!!!

USD All-Star’s “Weekend in Arizon” edit featuring Dustin Latimer & Kevin Gillan.

Edited by Lonnie Gallegos. Filmed by Erick Rodriguez, Rachard Johnson and Lonnie Gallegos.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE TRUTH 2 Official Review by R.A.M.G.I.F

At last time has allowed for all that are reading, and curious, should i buy a copy?? and why? , the pro´s and Cons of what the Kelso brothers & Austin Paz have created that is THE TRUTH 2.

to start of , on arrival of my new USD Duffle Bagpack it was very much exciting, and from what the dvd showed i was not dissapointed and stayed glued to the screen all the way through and it was spine tingling to say the least.

the first cons that i can remember would have to be:

1. quality of audio&video was in great deatil

2. the shots used to introduce you to where it was they filmed for the sections was great... location location location...

3. Music and timeing of each trick was on point and didnt confuse or mess up the skating itself.

we had good variety, Hip hop, rock, dj beats.. a mad song from Justice , which section i cant say but i can say that it was siick...

4. seeing how hard it was for Billy o neal waiting and keeping himself occupied in those 12months of rehab was great to see.., to understand and see for your self how dedicated and keen he was. his section was flawless and MAAAD!

overall it was a great dvd that showcased each rider being 8 of them! soo chockablock of visual stimulation to get you juiced to skate...

soo yeah get it , its a collectable and i think theyve made great leaps in making this dvd THE TRUTH 2! soo grab a copy at your local.

Bayside blades in AUS or skaterHQ

and everywhere else in the world...

USD Duffle bag pack review coming up a.s.a.p

Kevin Dowling: Olympus, Your Story: Winner!

WOOOHOO Victory is rightfully ours! US OPEN NY!! thousands and thousands of people

this is the time to be proud , and thank you Kevin and the crew , montre Livingstone and Rob G!

for the outstanding work and heart&passion put into it and everyone.

heres the link to the featured winner on olympus´s channel! :

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evolution of skating through 2002 to 2010

dustin Latimer WORDS section Part 1. 2002

Introducing the one and only, Dustin Latimer!, considered by many as one of if not THE trend setters of the 1990s rolling revolution, who laid the foundations of the tricks\manuvers that rollerbladers use today and that have evolved in regards to how a trick is done and speed used and most of all making it look good with Style which is ephisised upon in current dvd releases.

He has recently come back onto the USD All Stars Team and from what rumours say, filming is in progress and we may see some kool video\video edits from the legends them selves..

no doubt brushing up after their absence, and somthing exciting for the OG´s out there that have been in the sport since the early era of the culture\sport that was and is now.

THE TRUTH 2 produced by the Kelso Brothers Colin and Sean and Austin Paz. a must see dvd, and while im mentioning this, a full review will be bloged for your convenience for an insight to what pro´s and Con´s of this latest creation by the Kelso´s & Austin Paz. are.

ONE of our all time legends, in one of his best sections circa 2005 , now back skating in the USD All Star Legends team in 2010.

4x4 Drip Drop Chris Haffey Section, haffey aka superman, a skater that does not dissapoint when it comes to delivering a rock solid section packed with gaps, style and gets you juiced to throw on your skates. recently featured in the Australian "Nitro Circus" Tour around the country which was great to see and a great oppertunity to showcase our sport to the public earlier this year. full interview with chris haffey talking about his experience on tour with the cast of MTV´s "Nitro Circus" can be found here:

so we´ve covered 2002 , 2005 , 2008 now for the next 2years.

as many have noticed in 2008 it was said that Rollerblading was in its "Dark Age" or in the dark ages, which in translation, is before the we just reached the light at the end of the tunnel, where the streo type propaganda put forward by people involved in other action sports dissappeared and as a community we have struggled to uncover the real public image of our sport that until now was and still is visually distorted and now is being recognised by those who share a undying passion for what some regard as a ART, physical expression where you can choose how you skate, by getting involved with public demo´s such as NASS music and sports festivals, nokia fise and many other events including KIA Asia Xgames that is help annually.

and of course most recently established The W.R.S - World Rolling Series which was created to unite all the events from all over the WORLD in one place, to refine and show that we are now at the level needed to be taken seriously and professionally by the rest of the Action Sports community.

and at a community grass roots level including myself, reping what we do accurately every day , Having FUN! meeting with frinds for that weekly night skate seshion and weekends...

get kids in the know and juiced about giving rollerblading a fair go.

Now Get those Blades and strap them on and have a mad time... No Pain No Gain ;)

Helmets and other protection encouraged for beginers and for any dangerous stunts. ;)

Rob G in Europe from Solo Collective on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nick Wood, Damien Wilson, Joey Chase and more: One Minute, One Spot

hree years ago, us boys in Santee got pissed that all the good rails around here were capped, and we sucked at hand rails, so we asked our sponsors to help us build a training ground. 4X4, M1, and Remz contributed to us along with our own money to build a practice rail in Damien's yard. Since then we've been having regular legendary BBQ's and sessions like this one shown were we skate the rail and have good ole American fun. This weekend Damien, Rob, Joey and Sammy Chase and me (Nick Wood) got down like we always do all summer long. When I started seeing the "One Minute One Spot" edits I thought that our weekly BBQ's were perfect for that forum. If the Internet homo's want to bust my ball's about doing a Two minute edit they can do the math and see there is 58 seconds of skating, so suck it from Santee.

- Nick Wood

1. Name: Joey/sammychasenickwooddamienwilsonrobwitcomb
2. Age: 127
3. Hometown: Santee, California
4. Sponsors: Ground Control, Razors, 4X4, Rems, M1, Xsjado, Renegade bearings, Jug, SDSF, Revaluation Skate Shop, Psyko Clothing, LowLife, Nhim, Vicious, Casualty clothing, I think thats all of them.
5. Favorite skate event you attended so far: Bittercold we were all thier
6. Best contest results so far: 2003 LG am world champion (Mr. Woodster)
7. Three characteristic features that describes you the best: Drunk, party animal, best at lifer's
8. Current set-up: Razors, Xsjado, Remz, and Nimh all with lots of customization
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: two girls one cup
10. Good advice you’ve been given: Get it while the gettin is good!
11. Dumbest thing you did in your life so far: Damien jerked off in his hand and slapped someone with it, and got fired from Xsjado team manager.
12. Best thing you did in your life so far: Started rollerblading
13. A place you really want to travel to next: Cairo, Egypt
14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favourite spot: René Hulgreen, Chiaki Ito, and Mr. T
15. One Amateur who should be pro: Someone who is a man and doesn't dress like a lesbian

Santee crew: One Minute, One Spot from Be-Mag on Vimeo.

Seven Rats Trailer Brought to you by Craig Smith

'Seven Rats' | Trailer from Craig Smith | Pave Prods on Vimeo.

OUT January 27th!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grindhouse Scandinavia Tour 2010 Live-Update #1

Grindhouse is on tour through Scandinavia to film for their new DVD.

So Grindhouse is on tour again to film a tour DVD for Grindhouse's 15th anniversary and besides the fact that they're trying to skate as much as possible the typical tour life goes along with it: Less sleep, crowded appartements, alcohol etc. are well known ingredients on a tour that gains it's real spirit by skaters.

Just yesterday we arrived in Stockholm, brought our stuff to our poor beloved host Kenth Ulvedal and went downtown to take some drinks and to watch out for the thing which makes Scandinavia famous: beautiful blonde girls!

We went skating today and went to the mall which was right next to the last spot, because some of us needed a sleeping bag, then we called it a day and hung out in Kenth's appartement for the rest of the night. As we're not friends of much words we would like to let the pictures speak for itself.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Olympus Your Story Entry Press Like On YOUTUBE!

This contest is still based on views and likes on YOUTUBE. We have to vote for the submission by liking it on YOUTUBE in order for our work to be shown at the US Open in front of thousands of people. Thank you so much for all of the kind words and support.

Nathalia Kamura (17)

*Clapping Hands* what a ripper!! this just may be a edit that inspires and motivates...

( Reviews on the new rollerblading dvd by Kelso brothers & Austin Paz "THE TRUTH 2" and a consise in depth review of the infamous USD Duffle Back pack.. soo soooon;) .

Friday, July 30, 2010

> Nike sponsoring inline?? Really

In 2002 Nike signed pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez and started nike 6.0.
Since then our offshoot of the Nike company has branched off into BMX, snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding and moto X.

Now with the rise in popularity of aggressive rollerblading in Europe and Asia our company is looking into adding this extreme sport into our lineup.
We have started with the signing of Tiawanese skaters Neo and Killer K.

We are currently in talks with two more Japanese rollerbladers to increase our Asian team.

In the next year our plans to include rollerblading in the 6.0 family will take us to Europe which is the home to a great event I attended last year called winterclash.
This one event with crowds standing all over the course got both myself and Nike interested in rollerblading and its upcoming rise in popularity.
As many of you would know Nike currently makes both recreational rollerblades as well as ice and hockey skates.
During my trip to Europe I spoke to a French former ASA champion regarding a future boot release from Nike 6.0.

In the U.s Nike hopes to sponsor not only an amature team, but also sponsore some upcoming park competitions.

This is Nike's longterm goal with your sport and we would kindly like your input .

Please help by answering our survey.

Your thanks Mike Wise. CEO Nike 6.0 sports USA.

umm yea shhhhhure ;)

Cj Wellsmore, Craig Brocklehurst, Mass Alhattawi and friends@Monster Skatepark

Monster Hospital from Dom West on Vimeo.

another siick edit filmed by Dom west, with sydney´s finest shreders!!

noticing some more round rails and a long drop box... which is looking swwweet!

(P.S stay tuned for a indepth review of the Infamous USD duffle backpack for all your travel needs and day to day needs aaaand the siickness from the makers of TRUTH 2! Kelso´s & Austin Paz!

Friday, July 23, 2010

How Eulogy wheels are made video

About time…by vinest Vine st DVD

The last blog update was on xmas eve 2009…jesus…so yeh over 6 months later we’re still filming for the video!

The video itself is about 80% done, with Rian, CJ,Richie and Tien all with completed draft sections…next 2 months will just be getting those last few clips to finish things up. The video will be available to buy before xmas this year so look out for a new trailer and stuff nov/dec time.

A lot of shit has changed since the last update. The residence of Vine St itself have changed a lot, with new faces like Bower and Craig on the scene, and with me and Simon living north shore now. The biggest change to the scene has to be the loss of Richie. After a quick trip home to Canada in June, some visa issues mean he won’t be returning for a good while. I think I can speak for everyone in saying that this is really fucking sad. Fortunately Richie hit it pretty hard just before he left so his section was almost complete anyway. We miss you cunt!

You’ve probably seen this before, but here is the last edit we made this year. A new monster edit and box edit are in the works also.

CJ and Richie : Undercover Wheels from Dom West on Vimeo.

Here are some random pics we took recently.

Aight, 2 more months of filming and then we’re finalising everything, so hopefully we’ll have more frequent updates from now on!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Skater Hopes To Put Inline Skating Back On Map

Brian Aragon on the news... hell yea!! check link for video..

some Fat ass at the end had to say somthing... * shaking head *

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Livin la Vida Miami ft. Franky Morales

remier episode of TV show Livin la Vida Miami featuring Franky Morales.

July 13 2010 @ 8:30PM USA eastern time on RRtv (DirectTV channel 354) ; Also streaming live on (via).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Photostream by Al Dolega

LINK al dolega photo stream:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

RSC Oslo + Aalborg 2010: Results, Videos, Photos

Swedish Joachim Wall took this year’s real street competition (RSC) title in Oslo, Norway. 2nd and 3rd place was also conquered by Swedish skaters.

RSC Oslo 2010 Results

1. Joachim Wall (SWE)
2. John Lunngren (SWE)
3. Gabriel Gok (SWE)

RSC Oslo 2010 from on Vimeo.

RSC Aalborg 2010

Ronni Skovmand from filmed and edited this video edit from last week’s Aalborg real street competition.

The edit features Martin Gade, Christian Berg, Rasmus Madsen, Kare Lindberg, Henrik Jensen, Anders Rishøj, Daniel Nielsen, and David Grant

RSC Aalborg 2010 from RAD - Videos on Vimeo.

Bruno Loewe: Team TRS Edit by Greg Mirzoyan

Bruno Loewe - 2010 from Solo Collective on Vimeo.

RECOGNISE!!! legendary beast of park!

never too old to skate , look at Rob Guerro Bitches!!!


Friday, July 2, 2010

SRSC 2010 (Copenhagen): Results, Pics & Videos

SRSC Copenhagen 2010 from sam on Vimeo.


Scandian champion
Olav Norheim

1. Demetrius George
2. Olav Norheim
3. Alex Popovic

1. Theodor
2. Jack
3. Oscar
Local sweed Jack never holding back reped hard at the event, well done champ! keep at it and enjoy!;)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A day with Worapoj Boonnim

A day with Worapoj Boonnim one of the craziest USD AM Team. He came 3rd WinterClash in Germany this year.
Thanks to Bahrum Jaili

a day with Worapoj Boonnim from Bahrum Jaili on Vimeo.

Xsjado: Billy Oneill, Jeff Stockwell & Ben Schwab

Billy Oneill & Jeff Stockwell: London, 2010 Edit

Filmed by Adam Kola ; Edited by Jeff Stockwell.

FISH & STOCKWELL - London - JUNE 2010 from ConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Ben Schwab: Xsjado 2010 Edit

Edited by Brandon Negrete.

Ben Schwab XSJADO 2010 from ConferenceTV on Vimeo.