Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MINIRAMP MASTERS message to all GIRL skaters in the WORLD!

I was pleasently Suprised to get this message with information about the MiniRampMasters, read on and be sure to represent rollerblading to the FULL and enjoy the experience! mabe even a experience of a life time!! for some of you :) , if you can make it then do it.. every experience is a great learning oppertunity to become the best and meet people from all over europe and the world! ;)

We will once again organize a massive Spine-Ramp competition in Berlin, the Grindhouse Miniramp-Masters. (WRS 2-Star event)
This comp will take place at the YOU in Berlin ( which is Europe's biggest Youth Festival (200.000 visitors). For the Spine-Ramp comp we expect again around 5.000 visitors.

So the comp will take place in front of a massive audience and we will invite Rollerbladers from all over Europe. I am sure Berlin will be really interesting for all of you. And the Prize money is big too.
The event will take place from October 1st to October 3rd.

It would be awesome to set up also a girls competition!
So it would be great if as much as possible come out there and compete!
And I am sure you will love to skate Europe's biggest Spine-Ramp. You haven't been there last year. It's one of the greatest competitions in Europe. This will be a weekend fully dedicated to skating. We will also organize a Halfpipe Comp right next door. Apparently the Yasutoko Brothers will join
the event and of course riders from all over the world.

Check out the edits from last year's event:

You-Messe/Grindhouse Spine Masters Competition from Kai Schmitz on Vimeo.

YOU Convention Berlin 2009 from Mathias von Gostomski on Vimeo.

For more information you can contacte me:

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Sue nicole

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