Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Colin K quits all sponsers disscussion

I think that colin and any other pro has full right to start demanding more from sponsers , than say for example 300USD\month which is a joke , since im sure "The Conference" makes alot more from all their brands combined!

for example if you are a wheel company which does well you would be selling 3000-6000 sets of wheels within a 3month period if not better, so say 6000 per 3months thats 24000sets in a year which = 240,000dollers so hmmm , im not saying that all the wheel co.s do but for example.

skate comapanies can sell a estimated 10,000pairs of skates for $$$\skate so thats 1000000 hmm gussing thats alot of money.. if your skate co. does that well.

the disscussion: http://www.rollernews.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46886&st=0&gopid=556218&#entry556218

frame companies would make just a little more than wheel co´s $$$$\frame and for example sell say 10,000 which = 300,000

bearings , well most rollers cant be bothered with rebuilding their bearings so we could see around the same numbers as skates and bearings, 10,000 sets

then on the other hand you have to take into account, costs of producing the skates,bearings,frames,wheels,clothing... materials,paints...

I do think that USD,Xsjado,Sifika,UnderCover aka the conference could provide a better wage just a bit more to help cover costs that riders have.

as for rollerblader owned and run companies , Valo brand is doing fairly well... skates are fairly good and the quality of design for their skates and clothings is top notch and jon does put alot of time into giving the best products that he can that hold up to the task.

remz is doing some great effort to providing better built skates with resilient materials.. but he only sells skates , has a deal with ground control and 4x4 mabe which gives a bit of money to invest in remz.

nimh by brian shima&jon elliot 2-3yrs since they started and its a great brand, shima and the crew have put years into the brand and the dream and theyve got skates that look cool,m skate well and hold up well, and have been coming up with any improvments progressivly... good on em i say and support 100% skate owned.

I cant say that all the companies that make skates,wheels,frames,bearings,clothing,shoes,liners should pay alot more but calculate their net earnings better. excluding paying the factory that they pay to make the stuff.

camon 300USD\month really?

the only riders that should be paid are PRO riders , considering the fact that they are at the forefront of the sport and putting most effort in the end.

do we want to see a drop in pro riders representing professionally like we did 5-6years ago??? do we??

NO we dont! NO NO NO we dont want that.

so all the skate,bearing,wheel,clothing,shoe making companies read this and make tracks to be a more fair industry.

Lets just keep on skating and make your contribution to what you and I enjoy doing... if we want a bright future for our riders and YOU,ME then we need to Love what we do and represent , continue doing it.

exposing people to the awsome sport we have.

we are heading in the right direction with getting known and growing as a great community and culture..


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