Saturday, August 14, 2010

THE TRUTH 2 Official Review by R.A.M.G.I.F

At last time has allowed for all that are reading, and curious, should i buy a copy?? and why? , the pro´s and Cons of what the Kelso brothers & Austin Paz have created that is THE TRUTH 2.

to start of , on arrival of my new USD Duffle Bagpack it was very much exciting, and from what the dvd showed i was not dissapointed and stayed glued to the screen all the way through and it was spine tingling to say the least.

the first cons that i can remember would have to be:

1. quality of audio&video was in great deatil

2. the shots used to introduce you to where it was they filmed for the sections was great... location location location...

3. Music and timeing of each trick was on point and didnt confuse or mess up the skating itself.

we had good variety, Hip hop, rock, dj beats.. a mad song from Justice , which section i cant say but i can say that it was siick...

4. seeing how hard it was for Billy o neal waiting and keeping himself occupied in those 12months of rehab was great to see.., to understand and see for your self how dedicated and keen he was. his section was flawless and MAAAD!

overall it was a great dvd that showcased each rider being 8 of them! soo chockablock of visual stimulation to get you juiced to skate...

soo yeah get it , its a collectable and i think theyve made great leaps in making this dvd THE TRUTH 2! soo grab a copy at your local.

Bayside blades in AUS or skaterHQ

and everywhere else in the world...

USD Duffle bag pack review coming up a.s.a.p

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