Friday, August 27, 2010

Skateboarding vs. Other Extreme Sports participation numbers... blading related

inline skating as a whole is still ranked no1 in participants.. which is great, just that those numbers arent thhhat prevelent in our sport but the great thing is that the up period of our sport is in progress so we can expect more fun and exciting stuff happening like hedonskate team filming for a episode of disneys XD program now happening sooo yeah, siick stuff...

Skateboarding vs. Other Extreme Sports
# In relation to other extreme sports, skateboarding ranks second in American participants (including children, teenagers and adults) only to inline skating (with a reported participation of 17.3 million individuals). Paintball ranks third with 9.6 million participants and artificial wall climbing ranks fourth with 7.6 million participants. Skateboarding's arctic cousin, snowboarding, ranks fifth with 7.1 million participants.

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