Friday, October 7, 2011


ive had this cross my mind for months... thinking "hey im busy studying film and not useing my time enough to make use of my xsjado's... buy some rec frames..& wheels?? get around quick and just cruise and have fun?? is the question. yes i suppose interchanging the frames would wear and tear the threads but if you cant afford extra pair (if you dont have any yet..) then buy the spare parts.. ,

POWER : meaning that with these frames you pretty much have unlimited ability to do what sam tuffnel did and fly down side walks and streets at 80km/h aka 50mph and other options too,,

if the UC wheels have a rounded flat design then GRRREAT!

Has anyone thought of the idea besides the fact that WE can decide to take a chance at cruising /flying through the city.... getting to our next spot... or anywhere having fun..

That the market of aggressive skates (not aggressive blading/rollerblading ) has just been opened up to WIDER audience!!!! THINK

When i witnessed the publishing of this on rollernews as well as being awed at what had been crossing my mind for months before hand.. for those that are open to the idea , this just is awsome.. FUN... its not the FUTURE of our sport but a branch of from it utilising the tools we have and creating somthing that anyone can try and those old school bladers can finally say and think , yeah buying me some aggressive skates and some powerblade frames... YES!

bringing back those that have been longing for the feeling of aggressive skates AND as mentioned.. a Wider Audience of people can now buy some kool customisable skates.. stable , comfortable and FAST FUN!

I will be buying me some with the wheels so be sure that i will post photo's and even possibly a video showcasing the usability!! :)

KIZER 2011 - BCN from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Monday, July 18, 2011


X-mini Ambassador Brian Aragon to represent inline skating at one of the most popular actions sports events in the world.

Singapore, Monday, 18 July 2011 – Xmi Pte Ltd, the Singaporean company behind the award-winning X-mini Capsule Speakers, has been confirmed as an official sponsor of the Summer X Games to be held in Los Angeles, USA, from 28 – 31 July 2011.

One of the most exciting things coming out of this sponsorship is the X-mini aggressive inline skating demo which will be held during the X Games at the Interactive Park which the public can access for free.

X-mini Ambassador and 2009 World Rolling Series Champion Brian Aragon will be doing demos during the event together with a few of the top inline skaters in the world including Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell, Julian Bah and Franky Morales. This is a team of some of the best aggressive inline skaters and it will definitely be a treat for all action sports fans to see them altogether in action!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Fallon Heffernan Column source: wheelsceneuk

Just read up this great personal account from the one and only named above...

pleasantly enjoyed it... a must read in my opinion and it gives you an idea of what our sport/culture was like... the journey that every OG skater and those still young today had endured but enough of me.. READ and hope you get somthing from this...

from the perspective of a true rollerblader and a inspiration well deserving of any positive support.. ;)


It was a strange feeling going to my home skatepark for the first time in years today. It jogged memories of many first times that I had blading during my session. I remembered the very first time I saw someone on inline skates at the skatepark that my father frequently took my older brother to called Kona. Some kid amazed me while doing head high 360s out of the cement bowl and my attention immediately deviated from my brother and other skateboarders to the bladers. At my request, my father bought me a pair of skates and I remember putting them on for the first time almost 17 years ago. As I strapped on a pair of size one black and purple Veriflex skates, I felt like my feet found their new home. Shortly after rolling around on the concrete hills, I knew that I had found something that would stick with me for a lifetime. Up until that moment I had never experienced something that could give me, an eight-year-old child, so much freedom and self-expression. More importantly, I had never had so much fun in my life.

Blading escalated to become a major part of my life fast. The only things I really did were eat, sleep, go to school, blade with my friends and talk about blading. Everything I did and wanted to do revolved around putting my skates on and having fun with my friends on the ramps. The thoughts of competing or making a living doing my favourite thing in the world never even crossed my mind. I didn’t know about competitions, the X-Games or who was who in the industry. I didn’t know Fabiola Da Silva from a John Smith. I had no idols besides the local rippers who I bladed with every day. We skated for 12 hours straight sometimes and still begged our parents for five more minutes when they showed up to drive us home. When those five minutes were up, we pleaded for five more. We would teach each other tricks, play S-K-A-T-E and chase each other around the skatepark playing games of tag with up to 30 kids. I had become a member of a community of friends who all shared the same passion. Not one of us had a goal in blading outside of what trick we wanted to learn next.

A few years went by of blading my heart out with my friends like this before recognising that there were other opportunities for skilled aggressive in-line skaters out there. By the time I reached 12 years old, I had learned to 540 jump boxes and do technical grinds on coping. I was merely trying to hang with the boys around town. A local pro by the name of Tyler Shields noticed that my skill level was as good as the best women in the world at the time. He approached my father to tell him about the NISS events and the ASA Amateur Tour, while encouraging him to enter me into their competitions. So my dad did his research and threw me into an ASA Amateur qualifier in 1998 in Clearwater, Florida. Unfortunately, I was late for the competition because my dad worked late hours the night before and had to drive for four hours immediately after, causing us to barely miss the contest. A guy named Jason Hines was running the event and told us that I could skate for a few minutes on the street course and vert ramp in front of the judges to determine whether or not I was good enough to move onto the Amateur Finals in Las Vegas. After I did a few topsouls, spins and wall-rides, they invited me to the Championships. I was ecstatic. Competitions were going to change the direction and purpose of my skating life for a long time to come.

After winning the Amateur Championships in 1998 and 1999, Azikiwee Anderson approached me after the awards ceremony, extending an invitation to join Fabiola Da Silva, Kelly Mathews, Dawn Everett and other top females from all over the world to compete on the ASA Pro Tour. I eagerly accepted at the ripe age of 13. Right around the same time Jenna Downing, Martina Svobodova and Deborah West also were invited onto the ASA Pro Tour. We were all under 16-years-old. We had no idea what we were getting into. However, we were all very excited about it.

After my first ASA Pro Contest in Kentucky, the K2 team asked me to join their pro team. I was joining Franky Morales, Kelly Mathews, Pat Lennon, Louie Zamora and some other skaters known for their massive stunts and heavy partying. I was flown out all over the world to compete and party with 16 to 25-year-olds. I was barely a teenager and suddenly exposed to drinking, sex and drugs while trying to compete at a professional level and make it through high school all at the same time. I was making great money and seeing the world doing what I loved. As young ASA Pros, we did not live the typical lifestyle of most children. Skating became my job. I primarily practiced hard to win medals, earn big cheques and represent my sponsors well on TV. Blading was a high paying job that came with a good amount of fame for several years but this didn’t last forever – neither did the money.

Most of us realise that the blading industry has suffered a great decline. The mainstream sponsors aren’t there anymore, the X-Games no longer invites in-line skaters and we no longer have the ASA Pro Tour. The majority of our top bladers have had to face the humbling transition of getting a regular job outside of skating. Some are fortunate enough to have jobs working within the industry, but I have found that most of us are working in bars, restaurants and offices. We are all doing what we can to support ourselves, our families and our passion for rollerblading.

I find myself frustratingly serving drinks to cocky fraternity boys and wealthy businessmen thinking about the “good old days” when I survived from blading alone. At the same time, I’m grateful to have a job that allows me to keep a roof over my head and eat three meals a day. However, it isn’t always easy to be snapped at for another shot of Patron or yelled at about cold food, knowing that there was a time not long ago when I made three times the money at one competition as I do in a month working the job I hold now.

But then the clock strikes midnight and I head down to the basement at work to punch out. I leave the bar with just enough cash to save a little for the next Winterclash or Chaz Sands Invitational. The next morning, I wake up just to buckle on my USD Carbon skates for a session in San Francisco. I’ve found that everyone I skate with now is just blading for the love of it. None of us are doing it to be cool or make money anymore. I wouldn’t change a thing about the history of rollerblading. I also embrace every experience, opportunity, and friend that has come my way solely because of being a rollerblader. They have all taught me so much about life and the world, while shaping the 25 years young human being that I am today. But there is something really refreshing about blading while the industry is in the less-than-lucrative state that it is in now. Every time I put on my skates now, I have a great time. Rollerblading has once again become something I do for one reason alone, the reason I started blading to begin with… fun.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


siick edit of team rollerblade's tour around europe with mucho fun had... jelous!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beginners-class of Spring 2011 Montage By Zebastian Cassel

Beginners-class of Spring 2011 Montage from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

Some skating from the beginners i teached this passed fall.
I try to end every class with getting them to choose a clip they want to have on video and then use it for commercial for the skatepark to help bring new kids to the sport.

So far it has helped and the classes are always fully booked before the start-date which is awesome since we all can agree that we need more kids for future involvement. The parents always comes up to me and tell me how much fun there kids thinks it is to be taught by an older skater and how much they look up to me so im real proud of the responsibility the skatepark has given me to learn these future shredders what rollerblading is about.

See you this fall when the next class starts.
// Zebastian Cassel

AWSOME!! this is what we need every where...

Linköping Sessions #3 by; Zebastian Cassel

Linköping Sessions #3 from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

another great video edit... enjoyable no doubt, what viewers out there make of it is a matter taste .. Loving the work that Zebastian Cassel is doing.. and always a pleasure to see progress in the visual rep of what some regard as a lifestyle and passion and some enjoy for fun and other benefits..

WATCH N ENJOY!! and keep on rolling... ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Good morning all on this some what "sunny day" , to start the day we have before you, the ultimate training guide that THE Chris Haffey uses to keep in shape for competition season and for those who know their skating legends... be pleasantly surprised ;)

for laughs :P ENJOY!

Training from chrishaffeydotcom on Vimeo.

Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Video clips bought by AMI ENT Network to be shown READ!

Great news!!! the man himself Vinny Minton of Imperial Productions known for his skating and more, most recently the awsome video production style he has showcased to the global rolling and general community has had his work picked up , as seen below, not 1! BUT 3 videos

"its official, The AMI ENT Network just bought 3 of my skate edits.. They will be playing in bars and pubs around the world.." Vinny Minton 30minutes ago on FB. TODAY USA TIME

-video productions to be shown:

1*razor swag
2*a day in long beach
3*pre bitter cold 2011

Razor Swag from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.

A day in Long Beach.. from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.

Pre-Bitter Cold 2011 from Imperial Productions on Vimeo.

Friday, July 8, 2011

David Johns INSIGHT Profile 2011 from Central Florida Rolling (CFRtv) on Vimeo.

Its been a while since last.. many changes going on... here's some good video production and skating from David Johns.. guys got some fun skating going on... love the intro CFR graphics...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

WRS- BittColdShowDown TV pilot awsome viewing!

so on the 23rd we had the pleasure of seeing D.Kinney's ( Founder/Organiser of BCSD) newest visual creation to date in relation to the WRS and his event , which was filmed during the 2010 season , as some of you may have seen being there oron edits , a attempt was made by Kinney himself to break into the mainstream TV audience with the pilot of what was hoped to be the WRS series showcasing the best park competition skating, but to add to this, filming and aim was made towards a more public audience being the focus, and not just the core rollerbladers, and like any human being , we all have differing oppinions which my fellow reader / bladers is freedom of mind & thought.., personally i thought that the execution of filming was ideal and presented a action filled and informative 27minutes of fun on wheels , variety of tricks, personalities ( of those shown) , great display of how major the event was for spectators and most of all the athletes involved... the build up to tricks and excitment was electrifying and kept me wanting MORE!, although many networks do not favour "extreme sports" as important showcase or visual entertainment and athletic display and puts BASEBALL , BASKETBALL , FOOTBALL as the 3 major focus's among other everyday sports , there is no doubt that kids,teenagers and industry heads in the extreme sports industry should get a "fair go" and have the place for all the LEGIT extreme sports, we have extreme sports channel , Fuel TV , ESPN who has a channel for action sports and ONE HD ( who show extreme sports on weekends) , it all boils down to $$$ BUT also what the boss/board deems most important and what will bring the biggest viewer ratings.. . , yes there is a extreme sports channel that is coming back to our screens that has History in showing all the best of extreme sports! , Planet X sports , we've had all manner of material shown during the early days of our sport and others... X fingers all goes well for them and that they spread their wings, new material has shown up on the web page which is great..

to finish of i hope all is sorted and we will reach the peak and have our flag ontop .

1 person , YOU , can make a difference small or BIG in your community in what ever form of extreme sports.. you got connections in TV,Film, sports... , create events , demonstartions , have people/kids try skates and roll the ramps.. be the best and represent what Rollerblading is or other..