Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beginners-class of Spring 2011 Montage By Zebastian Cassel

Beginners-class of Spring 2011 Montage from Zebastian Cassel on Vimeo.

Some skating from the beginners i teached this passed fall.
I try to end every class with getting them to choose a clip they want to have on video and then use it for commercial for the skatepark to help bring new kids to the sport.

So far it has helped and the classes are always fully booked before the start-date which is awesome since we all can agree that we need more kids for future involvement. The parents always comes up to me and tell me how much fun there kids thinks it is to be taught by an older skater and how much they look up to me so im real proud of the responsibility the skatepark has given me to learn these future shredders what rollerblading is about.

See you this fall when the next class starts.
// Zebastian Cassel

AWSOME!! this is what we need every where...

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