Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evolution of skating through 2002 to 2010

dustin Latimer WORDS section Part 1. 2002

Introducing the one and only, Dustin Latimer!, considered by many as one of if not THE trend setters of the 1990s rolling revolution, who laid the foundations of the tricks\manuvers that rollerbladers use today and that have evolved in regards to how a trick is done and speed used and most of all making it look good with Style which is ephisised upon in current dvd releases.

He has recently come back onto the USD All Stars Team and from what rumours say, filming is in progress and we may see some kool video\video edits from the legends them selves..

no doubt brushing up after their absence, and somthing exciting for the OG´s out there that have been in the sport since the early era of the culture\sport that was and is now.

THE TRUTH 2 produced by the Kelso Brothers Colin and Sean and Austin Paz. a must see dvd, and while im mentioning this, a full review will be bloged for your convenience for an insight to what pro´s and Con´s of this latest creation by the Kelso´s & Austin Paz. are.

ONE of our all time legends, in one of his best sections circa 2005 , now back skating in the USD All Star Legends team in 2010.

4x4 Drip Drop Chris Haffey Section, haffey aka superman, a skater that does not dissapoint when it comes to delivering a rock solid section packed with gaps, style and gets you juiced to throw on your skates. recently featured in the Australian "Nitro Circus" Tour around the country which was great to see and a great oppertunity to showcase our sport to the public earlier this year. full interview with chris haffey talking about his experience on tour with the cast of MTV´s "Nitro Circus" can be found here:

so we´ve covered 2002 , 2005 , 2008 now for the next 2years.

as many have noticed in 2008 it was said that Rollerblading was in its "Dark Age" or in the dark ages, which in translation, is before the we just reached the light at the end of the tunnel, where the streo type propaganda put forward by people involved in other action sports dissappeared and as a community we have struggled to uncover the real public image of our sport that until now was and still is visually distorted and now is being recognised by those who share a undying passion for what some regard as a ART, physical expression where you can choose how you skate, by getting involved with public demo´s such as NASS music and sports festivals, nokia fise and many other events including KIA Asia Xgames that is help annually.

and of course most recently established The W.R.S - World Rolling Series which was created to unite all the events from all over the WORLD in one place, to refine and show that we are now at the level needed to be taken seriously and professionally by the rest of the Action Sports community.

and at a community grass roots level including myself, reping what we do accurately every day , Having FUN! meeting with frinds for that weekly night skate seshion and weekends...

get kids in the know and juiced about giving rollerblading a fair go.

Now Get those Blades and strap them on and have a mad time... No Pain No Gain ;)

Helmets and other protection encouraged for beginers and for any dangerous stunts. ;)

Rob G in Europe from Solo Collective on Vimeo.

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