Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bolle Eye wear Supporting Rollerblading Events!!

"Hey Everyone,

Bolle sunglasses are holding a Wild Card contest over summer So check out the link below if you want to win some cool prizes and help promote rolling through some mainstream outlets.

Source: Australia's Rollerblading Forum.

post 2:
And yes they will be attending the Nationals and any other comp over the summer so please let me know if you have a comp or tour coming up and we'll get Bolle to support it." or

Sounds more legit than anything which is great! and a oppertunity..

when i first saw this i hesitated but looking into it and also having memories of bolle being involved with Rollerblading in its 'Golden days" with the blue/black highlighted logo T shirt....etc... i say yes to the idea of having outside support and its at the best time in regards of where our sport/culture is at now.

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