Friday, July 30, 2010

> Nike sponsoring inline?? Really

In 2002 Nike signed pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez and started nike 6.0.
Since then our offshoot of the Nike company has branched off into BMX, snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding and moto X.

Now with the rise in popularity of aggressive rollerblading in Europe and Asia our company is looking into adding this extreme sport into our lineup.
We have started with the signing of Tiawanese skaters Neo and Killer K.

We are currently in talks with two more Japanese rollerbladers to increase our Asian team.

In the next year our plans to include rollerblading in the 6.0 family will take us to Europe which is the home to a great event I attended last year called winterclash.
This one event with crowds standing all over the course got both myself and Nike interested in rollerblading and its upcoming rise in popularity.
As many of you would know Nike currently makes both recreational rollerblades as well as ice and hockey skates.
During my trip to Europe I spoke to a French former ASA champion regarding a future boot release from Nike 6.0.

In the U.s Nike hopes to sponsor not only an amature team, but also sponsore some upcoming park competitions.

This is Nike's longterm goal with your sport and we would kindly like your input .

Please help by answering our survey.

Your thanks Mike Wise. CEO Nike 6.0 sports USA.

umm yea shhhhhure ;)

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