Sunday, November 28, 2010

Open Swedish Championship Results!! young kids every where!!

I was very much excited to see that now in the last 2years there has been a healthy growth spirt in the participant rate of kids as young as 8years!! up to the average 15 year olds... which is vital for any sport to get where it needs to be in order for us to be able to keep PRO's and upcoming AM's inspireing and progressing what we love as a sport/culture/Lifestyle...

I can truely say that i am proud of everyone that has taken uppon them selves responsablity to promote the sport the way it needs to be in order for us to grow BIGGER , STRONGER and United! ;)

* CLAPING HANDS * well done! keep up the good work:)

Final Results
Senior division 2010-11-27

1. Fredrik Andersson Eskilstuna
2. Kenth Ulvedal Stockholm
3. Igor Jovanovic Eskilstuna
4. Joakim Wall Finspång
5. Patrik Johansson Eskilstuna
6. Andreas Johansson Eskilstuna

Senior Open Swedish Championship 2010-11-27

1. Nils Jansons Lettland
2. Piotrek Combrzynski Polen
3. Alex Popovic Danmark
4. Olav Norheim Norge
5. Fredrik Andersson Eskilstuna

Junior SM 2010 upp tom 15yrs
1. Jacob Jonsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
2. Jonathan Kinnemar 13yrs Eskilstuna
3. Johannes Karlsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
4. Christoffer Kinnemar 15yrs Eskilstuna
5. Oliver Eriksson 14yrs Jonsered
6. Linus Lindberg Hansén 14yrs Eskilstuna
7. Jesper Nyzell 14yrs Eskilstuna
8. Vicktor Söderholm 15yrs Strängnäs
9. Filip Bergström 11yrs Växsjö
10. Tim Fredriksson 14 yrs Linköping
11. Sebastian Gocev 11yrs Eskilstuna
12. Max Danielsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
13. Rasmus Törnstrand 11yrs Eskilstuna
14. Kristian Tigerstad 14yrs Linköping
15. Billy Ohlsson 11yrs Eskilstuna
16. Tim Sehlstedt 15yrs Göteborg
16. Johan Sjöström 13yrs Eskilstuna
18. Ismael Shelbyson 12yrs Eskilstuna
18. Emil Pettersson 12yrs Eskilstuna
18. Billy Fredriksson 10yrs Eskilstuna
21. Luc Carlsson 13yrsEskilstuna
22. Filip Jonsson 8yrs Eskilstuna

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