Friday, March 19, 2010

CLICK 2 Raise Funds for grassroots sports Events!

hey as some of you know im trying to raise money for grassroots events by useing adscence,for my rolling-a-mindgameinfocus and to help roll things along.. summer is up and a full report will surely be up on the blog above and on the plus side the roll2gether team from germany have been in contact and are making the trip to tour to swedens best skate parks and ive suggested they check lingköping and check hangaren, göteborg action park and also stockholm guldet skate park if thats still skateable... and as in time for the malmö viking street&park battle at stapelbedds skate park located 10min away from malmö central station, so for all you danish,finish,norwigen rollers make a space for the weekend and get out in the sun and show the public what we are about and have mad time, we will have Razors skates,GRINDHOUSE SKATE SHOP and if any others get confirmed we ll have many more prizes to hand out to BEST TRICKs, lines and over all skater of the day with possibly coverage by BE-MAG and mabe even the local news paper SYDSVENSKAN or metro... and sponsers like REDBULL keeping up flying high all day long and BUDWISER to chill out with after a long hard day of skating in the sunny european sun...

so all you people close to sweden and visiting come by in may.. date and time will be 100% confirmed.

stay tuned and keep an eye peeling.. and for picnics , stapel has new areas built so bring wine and water and fine food and enjoy the entertainment and music aaand mabe even a BBQ...

click on any ADDS to contribute to the cause and at no cost to you. thanks

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