Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goulburn Fruit Jam 2010, Australia | Compilation


From Melbourne to Goulburn for the first Goulburn Fruit Jam. Part of the World Rolling Series.

Filmed by Hayden Golder on his Nikon D300s ; Edited by Craig Smith.

Lenses used: Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye, Nikon 70-200mm f2.8G SWM VR ED IF, Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 SWM ED IF ; Color corrected using Magic Bullet ‘Looks’.

Goulburn Fruit Jam | Compilation from Craig Smith | Pave Prods on Vimeo.

Goulburn Fruit Jam 2010 from Canthrax Rolling Collective on Vimeo.

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