Saturday, March 13, 2010

K2 Varsity Mini Review by R.A.M.G.I.F


so recently while out in the city of Malmo,sweden looking for work i checked out the local sports store "INTERSPORT" and what they had for rollerblades for this year and i was pleased that their still supporting rolling and to my suprise they had the K2 Varsity instock which was great since there has been alot of sceptisism , if it was a hit and miss for a comback skate, back into our sport.

I tried them in size 42EU\9US and i was not too suprised at the comfort since i have had experience with the classic K2 Fatty Pro which was the high end skate back in the 90s, the feel of the skate was as if i sliped my foot into a really comfy sneaker and as everybody has seen, the front looks shoe like with the rubber toe strip and black strip along the side.., the over all design of the liner is all about direct control and comfort, the padding around the leg is simple yet adequet enough to give you none of that cuff diging into your ankle but on the other hand ive only had the chance to skate around the shop so for a more long term idea of how the varsity compares to the 100% skater owned and run brands free samples mabe;), but i can say that k2 has still got work to do in regards to how the skate comes together, from what i could see the soul system was not replaceable and had a foam soul under the soul system to hold the boot and soul system in place, would of been better if they had both parts more one piece , and not two piece if you get what i mean, for that clean look that you get from most other skates on the market now, the buckle was pretty short in comparison to my nimh v2s and the design of the part which you grab to open was cheap and way thin so one fall and you may be in need of a new one so mabe a replacement for a razors,USD buckle.., and a bigger buckle protector "hump" , the soul system itself looked to be pretty stable for grinds eg. fast slides,royals,farves... and reminded me of the xsjado souls but only because of the royal groove design which is awsum!, and as for material used hmm i hope they got that right... saw these at the winterclash2010 and they seemed to slide controlably, the material used for the ouside boot felt pretty hard\durable which is yet to be tested, umm and as for the silver buttons hmm why??, just makes no functional scence, space to fill?, i wouldnt suggest a pro try these skates for serious skating but for some one who is going from some old salomons,or the standard k2s these will give you what you need to get better at your skating and have you steezed with the right frame set up and good set of wheels and bearings.

price wise i personally would not pay 200Euro´s but at most 160euro.

give them a fair go and like most non skater run co.s once a budget is set when they make money from those who choose to try these, a team of 2 skaters will become reality, but who wants to??, mabe try Rollerblades method, hire some one thats in the sport and has the experience and is a skater and make a K2street page same as rollerblade has teamtrs with tom hyser at the helm.

we want brands that show that they care about the sport, not trying the same tricks as used in the early days.

other than that Good luck K2, this aint inline skating.

we support those who put their lives on the line everyday when they strap their blades on and love what they do and care.

feat. none replaceable liner like the USD carbon which isnt that bad since the comfort is good.

cuff can be replaced with the standard black k2 cuff.

and like most skates UFS for any frames and wheel set up you want.

the stiched logo name is funny to say the least.

hope you guys at k2 come out with a updated skate in a cool colour way.;)

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