Thursday, February 25, 2010

CLICK 2 Raise Funds for grassroots Events!


the event is coming up soon and help from everyone will be very much appreciated, the idea is that all YOU have to do with NO COST to you is, CLICK on the adsense adverts for example each time you go to my blog click grindhouse and other sites that way each percentage of money will go to a good cause of funding events such as the "Malmö Viking Battle" and of course the idea of useing extra funds raised will be used for other realstreet and park events through out scandinavia, BUT... this can only happen if you CLICK the link on the google adds on my blog..

feel free to post any questions and suggestions in regards to events.. ;)

a fb page will soon be set up to promote the cause.


AND thats me at the WINTERCLASH2010!

thats right FENFANIX .com BITCH!

getting people ROLLING, thats what we´re about!

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