Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where is the sport\Lifestyle Heading?

As some of you may have known this year is the 5year downperiod at an end... yes! , for those rollers and non-rollers we have gone through many changes since the "BARELYDEAD - a saga of modern rollerblading " was released world wide in 2005, and in most recent disscussions in 2010 , the question was posted asking, " ARE OUR OUR PRO´s acting in a professional way" in reference to recent events such as WINTERCLASH2010! which i would like to say was very well conducted by jojo aka Mr winterclash, and all was dealt with in a very organised fashion, with over 2000! people visiting ,It was mindnumingly awsum!, its not everyday that you have the chance to pay respects to those who skate hard every day and put their body through alot.. blood&sweat, Namly the new owner of CREATEORIGINALS graphic frames, BILLY´O NEAL who has made a siick comeback after his launch down the stairs doing a 180spin... and BANG!! getting hit like some animal on the road suffering from what i know, swollen muscles and brusies, But enough of that, The point is it just shows how dedicated and what passion he had, and that how keen he was to strap those USDs on and do what he loves again we are in the end only human and those who are good at what they do need a break from skating their ass of, To get back on track WINTERCLASH is a the main event in european rollerblading and for the first year where not only the rolling community but the public were able to come and see what we are about and what we represent, Im pretty happy to say we blew peoples minds away.. the question can be put, " where was i? on a different planet? is this for real or a video game?, it was and is worth the experience for anyone from any country, you have a great party atmosphere the first night after am´s and a afterclash where you can catch up and say hi to people from 40different ethnic backrounds, then you have a industry expo where you get to sample all the FRSH! gear that is there to buy at a reduced price and some cool gear coming out at your local skate shop soon.. shoes,sunglasses,jumpers,tshirts.... everything!! from head toe.

besides all this info.

this quote should be noted and used "UNITY IN THE COMMUNITY" that is and like some may have implenented this, only if we work together and have fun while doing what we do with the wheels beneath our feet will we achieve our final goal.

the goal is within reach and pff no matter your age, have FUN and dont let no one tell you what you should do, because nothing becomes well known and liked from the start.


Now go out catch up with mates and have a sesh and depending on the day of the week grab a drink\beer and some good food with that and enjoy!;)


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