Sunday, June 6, 2010

Olympus - Your Story - Blading

posted 4th June:

Please press LIKE right away. I am trying to get some attention for blading on a large scale. We only have until Sunday the 6th to get as many likes as possible. Please repost this to your facebooks, blogs and messageboards right away! I will be using the money to directly support blading culture.

Help blading survive and prosper with one click...

info update posted 7th of June

made it to 1000 likes! Thanks for the support. Let's keep it going brethren. The winner gets to showcase their work at the US Open in NYC. That means a blading photo/video documentary will be played on a big screen to thousands of athletes, company owners, sports fans, media outlets etc...

found out people can vote on the video until the 18th of june. We need to get as many votes as possible - the ideas I have been having about this project are epic - lets get it!

Video LINK:

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