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1. whats your name, age , how long have you been skating, what are you
rolling on at the moment, location?

I'm Jordan Dale and I've been
skating for 22 years. I live in Vine Grove KY, I'm skating the
Rollerblade Solo Hypes with lime green postive and negative plates as
well as white ones on the right skate. I also have Xjsado Blue Mook
Frames, Mark Wodja Denial Wheels 59/93.

2. So from what i recall the last time i saw you in Rolling media was
in Daily Bread's 2003 issue with Nick wood on front, what have you
been doing with yourself since then?

An amazing amount of things, Searching for purity. Searching for the
light within myself to calm down and find my genius;). Searching for
my talents so I can rule this world;P.

It took a heck of a long time
due to thinking about non-sense, which is what it all is. I
constantly skated and never stopped. I still traveled over a mad
amount of places such as Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green and
mainly skated in Radcliff, KY.

I started Origyn up in 2007 again to
sell beautiful clothes of my own spiritual design. I fell in and out
of different ideas of the truest principle of rollerblading according to
street skating, park skating and overall, the freedom of it.

I continually wrote music and started to record my album about a year
and a half ago. This was my greatest work. I dreamt of doing this
for 10 years and more. With a blessing from the Gods-_- I found the cash
to build a studio and start my work on it after a mad amount of
problems that tested my patience and desire to relax and go with the
unexpected defunct problems of the world. No dream can be denied with
the power of feeling love/Passion. It will always come to pass, either in
this existence or some other. Hope is the greatest thing, I expect to
win, I expect to rule, I expect to be the best. I do not deny the
competition of the thoughts of man, yet I deny the competition, I deny
hatred. For I only see love.

creating & Being the illusion of man, something we
are not. Lately, I have been meditating to the maximum trying to find
enlightenment. I've been studying for over 4 years and it's
progression has developed to something I never expected because of my
own stupidity to open up to the infinite intellects in the universe
beckoning, for me to be something more than the dark path I was. They
are always bidding us come…

The idea of basic meditation may seem
strange and weird, yet it is the most profound matter of intellect
that will change this world completely when grasped, understood and
practiced in it's infinite formats. The power of man is beyond what
we are conformed in thinking right now. We are hiding our "Super
Powers." The prophets of man have spoken of many truths, yet we deny
the past of powers. It's written all over the movies. Our own innate
desire to be these creatures such as Neo, Superman, The Dragon, Iron
Man, Tron, Spider-Man, and so on. These are all actually realities of
Gods in the universe existing as a source of intelligence to reach-_-.
We are not beyond this path. We think we can't. Yet, it is easier to
be one of these creatures than to be yourself, because you choose to
hold onto the idea that you are limited. Who ever said you cannot
know all things? Deny them and start feeling what is possible.

Deny all things and then you'll know what all things really are. Deny your
thoughts and find the true state of happiness, our own existence of
mystic feelings defined in the eternal level of compassionate energies
rotating around in our head fused with the elements of the dead all
interconnected. Yes, we are infinitely powerful. Knowing all things
is always a dimension of IQ that is growing. So we must choose to
deny our world's tradition, become the non-conformist and start
conforming our own individual beliefs, our Gods, our creations and
then we'll find our own identity.

The meditation I've been doing is
all about layers in the mind's eye. It's secret, so I keep it safe.
The basic premise is this though revolving around the universe. This
is my most important element. I've been running Origyn Cloth as well
and it's been super since the spring. I created a line called "Dr.
Zeus" which surrounded it's self around themes of realising those
mythological Gods that are real in a different realm, fused with the
element of Dr. Seuss artistic ideas and the neon wave coming across
the world, I created it. The site has evolved
into something weird. Keep Kentucky weird. My new expression. We
have Lights that shine. They are Gods. They skate hard because they
love it. They are equal. They are super. They will love you.
Forever. So love them and don't lose yourself-_-. A team video is being
worked on right now that will be out this October on Hallow's Eve.
There will be a release party. It will feature over 21 different
skaters on different levels of intelligence;).

All with unique styles, all to be appreciated. They are Sunz, Moons
and Stars. The soundtrack will be feauting music from my album called
"The Soundtrack." I'll be editing along with other individuals. I'm
hoping to be most eccentric and outrageous with this video for that is
the best way to get noticed in the world. Look at Lady Gaga. What an
amazing weirdo she is!, I've been painting for the last year and
finished my best painting the one. It's a futuristic city coupled with beaming
suns with spontaneous colors. The side painting to it is a link that
is a surrealist, split markers and pencil and any other medium I

Skating lately has been superb. Recently I went to a
competition in Nashville called "Too Cold Too Blade Outside". A huge
amount of people came and I ended up going with some friends and
having the best time. I jumped off a roof that was about 14 feet up
or so which was my biggest gap with my cape on so I was super excited
about that meditation-_-. Then I went to the hospital to get some pain
pills, hehe;P and relax the next night i was away like a vampire on the
internet sucking the blood of the cybernetic world of us Troninians.

3. As i enthusiastically search daily for the most up to date
industry/sport info i managed catch a line mentioning you , first
thought that came to mind was, " wow Jordan Dale no way!" and a black
and white photo showing you in your cape bravely making a attempt at
doing a massive Gap that was said to be 2stories high, hope you got
out of it alright? , What has your new found practice of Meditation
brought you and in a concise manner what is the purpose and function
of it and has it helped you in any way with any fears in regards to
skating and life in general?

lol. That's coo man. Well, as I have said, yet in different words
this time, mediation is the key to all knowledge and will give you
your greatest dreams in this life if practiced deeply enough.

4. I see that you've been working on producing some sweet Music
spreading out to a variety of genre's , what is it that your band/you
aim with your music, would i be correct in saying that its a
Alternative/experimental type of music?

Definitely. I experiment with dark and light. They are equal. The
idea of an infinite style came to me about 6 years ago and I decided
to not be one artist of a genre, but all of them, for I am all of them
because they exist in me. The band I am in is us 3 amigos as an
improvisation band with whatever name we desire for the moment of our
performance. We will fuck the world up of conformity for plain
listening of music. If you don't feel the music, your hating it, so
stop thinking and listen to the weirdest music in the world, ours.

5. Have you had any idea's with inregards to weather you would be
interested in incorporating your work within Rollerblading , music ,
perhaps help teams of various companies with meditation techniques
which would aid in one way or another? .

I definitely am doing that and will do more of that. I am a spokesman
for the greatest power on earth. It will be emperatic, operatic and
will take me to rule it with the expectation of a one world
government-_-. This is what Maharishi has said and promoted. He is a
man that brought transdental meditation over to the U.S. and taught
the Beatles.

Skaters and this industry will get to the top of this
world in happiness no other way. I will die for these words. I will
die for these words. I will die for these words. They are priceless.
They are timeless;).

6. Do you plan to make time to be in the rolling scene more visibly eg
entering local and national competions? or perhaps launching a
clothing line to support rollerblading and gain recognition of your
work as well?

I've been competing in at least 4 competitions this year. I plan and
dream of competing in as many as dreams will come. I'll be in
ecstasy. is my world. Welcome to paradise.
Welcome to Wonka Vision. Welcome to pure imaginations;).

7. i suppose you've had a eye on the progression of the sport , do you
have any idea's that you would like to express that rollerblading
could use, what elements would be needed to further progress the
sport, filming wise, music, promotional approach for growth of the
sport.. what are your thoughts.. ?

The sport will progress only when they lose their thoughts and start
mediating on their 5 senses around them and the inevitable infinite
senses. The basic 5 will fuse them with the earth and they'll love
what they skate.

As far as industry expression. The cleanest image and dirtiest.
Just free openness in expression. Acceptance of all the different
levels of people trying to begin and end. Skaters should be "weird" and
look at what they don't want to. Stop conforming to the way every one
else is skating. Be mad, cause they might think that. Be standing
out on a ledge and jump. Dress differently. Do what your covering up and not hide and
be. Do what your hiding to be. All those million dreams you've
dreamed over night, let them loose and become them. Your not who you
are until you change what you are, constantly. It's the only way to
go up.

8. what were the high lights of your skating career from the time that
you started competing and some of the learning experiences that you
gained during that time?

My favourite times in skating have been the highlighted tricks of my
careers. My first and foremost was when I started skating in Germany
and had the best day ever skating downtown at Kaiserslautern. It
was a sunny day. I took the train from Enkenbach-Alsenborn to K-Town.
I enjoyed the ecstasy of life, the trees, the birds, the wind, the
sun, the clouds, the train tracks tracking, the food, the drink, the
architecture, the people, the conversation, the city, the smells,

We got off the bus and went to roll down stairs. The best
tricks ever. The root of our existence. I love now. I love new. I
love old. I love 360 negative fishbrains switch and natural. I luv
360 pudslides both ways. I love girls both ways.
I'm a vampire. I'm what you want to be;). we are as ONE and the same. So lets be United.

9. what were your favourite wheel,skate,frame,clothing companies and
are there any you would of wanted to be apart of and wish were still
around today?

MINDGAME definitely. They were really different and set the greatest
standard for the industry with an amazing team I looked up to them immensly.
They were and will be my heroes forever. Well done Shane Coburn and
the puzzle pieces to this Underworld of Super Neo's-_-. The best skates
then were Razors. They were what I knew. I shut off to others
because i was sponsored by a different bunch. They supported me Hugely
and I would die for them. I love that their skates were overall
versatile not limited to Positive and Negative plates, or in other
words Soul plates. They constantly pushed the overall sport, never
stopping. They evolved their riders, supporting them with cash
so they could pursue their dream of being the best. They sat
and watched and gave their love when you needed it. That's why I love
them. They are the future of our sport and they will not ever cease
to amaze. So be amazed, they are full of stars limitless.

The Frames are
Ground Control. They/He revolutionised the industry. The name itself is
ground breaking for he will break your ground when he shows up in a
new edit and competition. I believe and know Jon and he will be the
best skater ever. He was.

10. Do you have any idea's as to why rollerblading wasn't successful
in solidifying its popularity to where it would be able to sustain
itself as a extreme sport as others have after their boom days have
passed.? and what could of been done?

Love never fails. As it is done in this industry it will acheive the top.
Only hate has made the industry fall inside and out. Therefore let us
listen to each other and it will come into place.

Spring & Summer 2003 Line

Origyn 2007 Line

Summer 2010 Line

Zeus Themed Line

Old Fashion
Origyn Team

LINKS to Jordan Dales Music and youtube channel as well as link to Origyn Cloth ENJOY!


Origyn Cloth.:

What you have just experienced are the words of a spiritual being that travels the Universe beyond the confines of societies norms and has freed himself from the Cell that many think is freedom, an eccentric and Talented.

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