Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Points of view: Kaya Turski

Name: Turski
Surname: Kaya
Localisation: Montreal
Date of birth: 3 Mai 1988

Kaya Turski, pro skier and a rollerblader, turned 22 years old a few months ago and we all heard about her. At the moment she began to compete, she went to the LG Action Sports World Championships of Dallas in 2006, finished 4th, then became a pro at the finals in Los Angeles, won the Vermont Open in ski, and wins her second straight X Games women's Slopestyle gold medal this year.
She can be seen in the dvd Road to Nowhere next to Chase Rushing, Sean Santamaria, or Michael Collins, Brenton Wheeler.. Sponsored by Red Bull, Orage, Oakley, Salomon, Skullcandy, DonJoy, and D-Structure, I really wanted her to share with all her vision of Rollerblading and of her other passions in my column.

Sophie Planque: What did you study, a diploma?
Kaya Turski: This summer I was taking some summer science and math courses. Eventually I think i'd like to go into athletic therapy so I did a bio and a math class.

Can you make a short summary of your "rollerblade story" for everybody, well including ski too !!
I started rollerblading when I was 8 or 9. First, me and my dad would roll around and I would jump off stairs when I found a little set. Someone saw me and told me to check out the skate park, and as soon as I tried it I fell in love. From then, I was at the park every weekend. I started competing in ASA's when I was 14, when I turned ASA pro at the end of the year in the finals in L.A.
I started skiing when I was 16 or 17, I basically put on a pair of skis and fell in love with it right away.

And now you win the X games, that’s amazing ! In few sentences, what is your vision of rollerblade, and ski?
Rollerblading isn't just an amazing sport, it's also a really awesome and tight knit, supportive community. I really appreciate that about rollerblading. People do it because they love to do it, and through the good and bad times they all stick together. As for skiing, it's also quite a tight knit community, though a little bigger. It says a lot when you can travel across the world and meet with a freeskier or rollerblader you met in a message board and they'll hook you up. Love the support!
Isn't it two hard to practice this two sports together? I'm talking about time spent, injuries, travels...
I guess so. I don't rollerblade as much as I'd like to because I'm around the snow so much. When I do come home I spend a lot of time skating though which is always fun. I don't compete in skating anymore, so I only really focus for comps for skiing. Skating is always going to be there and be so much fun. I wish there were still ASA's or X-Games for skating, I would do it for sure.

Do you feel the need to work next to your passions even though you’re a pro?
Dont understand the question? Do you mean do you need to work at a sport even if it is your passion?
Yes, I think talent and passion can only go so far. If you want to me on top of your game and excel to your maximum potential, there is a lot of work involved. The best athletes in the world are in that prime position because of endless hours training, practicing, visualizing...

Being so involved like you are in your passion, don't you think it can be a trap ? I mean, where do you see you in 10 years, what kind of job will you have if you only focus on your passion these days ? Because you told me you did a class in bio and math, but is it the only class you need ? Does it give you a diploma ?
I don't think it's a trap because I have learned so much in the years that I've travelled and skied/rollerbladed for a living. I've met a lot of great, smart and inspiring people and have learned a lot from them as well. Also, throughout all the injuries I've worked closely with doctors, physios and athletic therapists/trainers. This has given me a lot of experience in the field and it's something I see myself going into later on. I also have made hundreds of contacts throughout the world, some being my sponsors and companies I may potentially end up working with one day.

What are your projects for the future (ski, rollerblade, studies, job)?
For the future, I want to keep having fun on my skis and skates. I want to push skiing until I can't anymore, try to be always one step ahead. I want to continue competing in major events like X-Games and also film some sick movie sections. I want to go to the Olympics in 4 years too.

Good luck for the Olympics !!!!! If you want to tell me something else, you can !!
Thanks to my family & friends for supporting me and helping me get to where I am today. Thanks to my sponsors too.

Thanks a lot again !Kaya

Kaya Turski rollerbladaaaa from kaya turski on Vimeo.

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